Watch the Six-Minute First Look at CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ (video)


CBS was the last of the big four networks to hold its Upfront presentation, but the wait was worth it for fans of DC Comics and/or adorkable work place rom-coms. The Eye Network released a full six-minute long look at its first foray into the comic book world, Supergirl, starring¬†Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin from Krypton.

Now, immediate reaction is that a lot of this falls under the same trappings that any major network superhero show will fall under — namely, the romantic comedy-ness that CBS loves so much.

But dare I say it, when Kara notices the plane crashing and takes flight, after a brief hiccup, for the first time? Genuinely more thrilling than the entirety of Man of Steel. Maybe this whole comic book thing is supposed to be light after all. Watch the Six-Minute First Look at CBS’ ‘Supergirl’ (video)