Weekend TV with Steve Adubato


Adubato, left, with Bracken.
Adubato, left, with Bracken.
New Jersey Capitol Report on NJTV features Steve Adubato on the move this weekend.
From aboard the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce annual “Walk to Washington” train ride, Adubato speaks with Tom Bracken, President & CEO of the NJCC on the need to make NJ more competitive and attractive to businesses.  Jim Fakult, President, Jersey Central Power and Light weighs in on the train’s networking opportunities while Maggie Moran, President & CEO of M Public Affairs, says that transportation is the backbone of the state.
Broadcast Schedule:
Saturday, 5/23
NJTV    6:00, 12:30pm
WNET   8:30am
Fios1    11:30am
Sunday, 5/24
NJTV     8:00am, 12:00pm
Weekend TV with Steve Adubato