What in the Name of the Wachowskis is Happening in Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ Trailer?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKpKAlbJ7BQ]

Hopefully you aren’t high right now. Or, actually, it might help? Honestly, I don’t know. Just like I don’t really know exactly what’s going on in the trailer for Sense8, the new series coming to Netflix from the minds of Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis, the mind-benders who brought you the Matrix movies, Cloud Atlas, and Channing Tatum as this weird, like…dog thing. But are we surprised? Netflix is known to offer a ton of creative freedom to their showrunners, and it looks like the Wachowskis took that freedom to the maximum.

Some take-aways, from the very first trailer:

  • Is that fucking Sayid from Lost? Oh happy day, it is Naveen Andrews, in his first role in, well, it sure seems like forever. According to IMDB he played Jafar in Once Upon a Time, but I refuse to apologize for not knowing that.
  • If your first thought after hearing the term Sense8 was “A WHAT?!?” well congratulations, it was also the main character of the show’s reaction.
  • “8 Cities. 8 Strangers. 1 Connection.”  And the connection is a shared opinion that the second two Matrix movies were kind of unnecessary.
  • So all these people are linked mentally and emotionally and especially hot tub sex-ily, which leads to some really, really cool stuff where they jump between actors and locations and suddenly one person is another person, and then they’re not, but then they are. Does it make sense? Not currently! Is it awesome? Kind of!
  • There’s no footage of the live-birth that the Wachowskis reportedly shot for the series, and that’s okay. That is so, so, so okay.
  • Also, I’m really glad I’m not a Sense8. “You can access each others knowledge. Language. Skills.” They would get to me and be like oh great I can blog about TV in English now. Ah, is that a B.A. in journalism? Sweet. 
  • I’d be remiss in not including the promotional photo that came along with the trailer. While it might not be as trippy, or as interesting, or as visually stimulating, I can confidently say that it still sells me on the show better in every conceivable way.
(photo courtesy of Netflix)

Glorious. It’s like Indiana Jones and Neo somehow had a baby, and that baby was double-fisting two guns and flying through the air in a storm of bullets while wearing a floral shirt. And that baby is also seven other babies, linked telepathically across the globe? Sense8, coming soon. What in the Name of the Wachowskis is Happening in Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ Trailer?