Where Were You the Night Fox Canceled ‘The Mindy Project’?

tumblr_n3hfsr7zCN1rhhf2io1_500_zps79058697Maybe we’re just being Mad Men-nostalgic, but when we got the news that The Mindy Project was canceled by Fox (only to be possibly snapped up by Hulu), we stared at our beautiful views drinking single malt scotch, and poured one out for the end of a great run. “Well, there’s the end of something…like a carousal.” Don Draper would say, not understanding carousals, still after all this time. But what does this Mindy shakeup mean for us?

Buzzfeed’s Emily Orley and Jarett Wieselman got the story:

The Mindy Project has been canceled by Fox after three seasons, BuzzFeed News has confirmed.
But there is hope. BuzzFeed News has learned that conversations are currently underway with Hulu for a potential multi-season deal to bring the show to the streaming service. A representative for Hulu had no comment when reached by BuzzFeed News.

It’s also been updated on Buzzfeed’s TV Renewals/Cancelation list.

Joel  Adalian from Vulture has a source (sounds like a good one) talking about Hulu’s salivating interest.

I’ve loved The Mindy Project and New Girl from at least season 2 on, and it saddens me that the ratings weren’t great. But the bright side is that Hulu would be such a good fit, especially now after the streaming service acquired The Walking Dead spin-off and Seinfeld’s library.

But with this all up in the air and my stomach in knots–“Shh,” I soothe myself, “Remember how good Community is now that it’s on Yahoo Screens?” (Not the experience of watching it, which is abysmal; Yahoo Screens needs to create a new platform for their now awesome content. Because the players don’t work me.) It was good when Arrested Development came back for Netflix (yikes, okay…). So was there hope for The Mindy Project to make a splash on a streaming service.

On the other hand: is that moving backwards…from a TV show to a web series? Are they seen as equally legitimate forms of television yet?

But The Mindy Project moving to Hulu would be huge. I felt this to be one of those Mad Men moments, a cultural touchstone from which we can look back someday and remember as the good years. This will be the year I will agonize over buying a subscription to HuluPlus.

Since this Mindy story was #NoIrony bringing up some real feelings, I polled some friends on how they were coping with the news.

Me: where were you when you heard Mindy was canceled on Fox?
Everyone remembers the moment
Sean T Collins: i was reading a google chat from my friend Drew Grant.


Peter: I don’t watch the Mindy Project
I’ve been meaning to start!


Me: we’ve been alive all these years, did you think ever think we’d be living through the end of The Mindy Project?
David:  I never even lived through the beginning 
David But are you ok?

BAT Mitzvah Batman*: Haha, i think i saw it in passing an hour ago or so and thought very little of it
i hear it’s a great show but i’ve never watched it.

*-** Not their real names.

So my friends suck, no big deal: Twitter offered a much more apropos solution. Real time Replies!

So: Where were you, and doing what, the moment you found out The Mindy Project was going to be canceled (and maybe brought to Hulu)? Tell us in the comments.

Where Were You the Night Fox Canceled ‘The Mindy Project’?