Astrologer Susan Miller’s Summer Horoscopes for the Hamptons Set

The luckiest day of the year? August 26

LEO July 23 – August 22
What’s coming is big, dear Leo, and being that your motto is “Go big or go home” this summer should turn out to be just your cup of tea. The project that you've longed to see will likely appear now and they appear to be important projects with many moving pieces. You may get your chance to supervise a team, or to land an acting role of your dreams—with a director who will solicit your opinion on the way you see a scene to be handled. When you sip iced tea on the porch this summer or present ideas to your clients or boss, you'll be hearing a lot of "Oh, I love your idea!" Life can’t always be this sweet, but while it is, use it to your full advantage. Through July 18, as Venus tours your sign, you’ll be ultra-magnetic to admirers. Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will see to it that doors open for you all summer. Be discerning, You may want to agree to all the opportunities, but it would be wiser to choose the opportunities with the longest-range potential and with the greatest chance to make you happy. August will be a particularly powerful month for you as Mars, the action planet, will increase your confidence, and help you bravely reach for the stars. Wear your dark sunglasses, Leo, even at night: the paparazzi may be following. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
VIRGO August 23 – September 22
This summer, you may notice that the tide will take some things out of your life that the universe feels is no longer to be part of your future. Do not panic. If you're honest with yourself, you will soon see that you didn't want or need those obligations or elements in your life any more. You are moving into one of the most rewarding years of your life when you are crowned celestial favorite, to begin August 11, and that will continue until September 9, 2016. It is time to distance yourself from those who drain your energy, burn your time, or who lower your confidence---put those people on “mute.” In love, keep your heart open, for by summer’s end through the coming twelve months, you will have dazzling aspects for love and for finding your “true north.” Jupiter will place you at the right place at the right time for experiencing a fateful meeting. Be joyful and excited, and don’t have too many qualifiers for the perfect romantic person you hope to meet—Jupiter is generous and kind, and will want you to be that way too. If you have an important action to take this summer, do it on or near your breakthrough day, August 26, the day Jupiter will meet with the Sun—a day of optimum, vast pleasure and reward. Note: Many Virgos are writers, and for these who've always ways wanted to be, now is the time to FedEx it in. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
LIBRA September 23 – October 22
The summer will be golden for feeling the warmth of friendships. When your email box overflows with invitations, RSVP quickly with an enthusiastic yes and plan to go. The parties you will frequent this summer will brim with luxury and be beautifully appointed, with no expense spared and an A-list of guests that you will find fascinating. Your friends apparently adore you and if you are single, one may even make an offer to introduce you to a special person she feels would make a perfect romantic partner for you. Enjoy yourself: Libras have been going through many trials and tribulations, but rest assured, you will be moving into a much better place very soon. In fact, you are only 14 months away from Jupiter’s move into Libra, marking your best year in over a decade, starting September 2016 and lasting twelve months until mid-October 2017. Before you say, that’s a long time away, realize you have already waited 11 years so far for the privilege of having Jupiter in Libra, so 14 more months is not much time at all. You can start now to get ready by eliminating arrangements and obligations that no longer give you the joy they once did, and crossing off goals on your list that seem a bit juvenile now. You need to empty your basket for the universe to fill with the new goodies it has planned for you. In the meantime, July 1 would be a great day to throw a lavish party After July 25, until September 9, when your guardian planet Venus will be retrograde, considered a weak position, keep a tight rein on your purse strings. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
SCORPIO October 23 – November 21
You have been the most golden of all the signs for career success over the past twelve months, and if you think back to the successes you have achieved since last July 2014 when Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune, first entered your professional sector, you will see you have reason to be proud. At some point, you must have scored an impressive victory for Jupiter has not been in this sector for twelve years. If you feel you’ve not used this trend to full advantage, you will have a second chance to do so this summer, especially in the two weeks that will follow the new moon August 14,when professional opportunity or powerful VIP praise will come knocking. In terms of your health, over the last two years, you may have feel the strain of the responsibilities you were juggling. If so, you will be happy to hear that your outlook is very positive for improved health. Uranus and Pluto were also pressing on your vitality, but by late summer, as these two planets continue to slowly orbit their separate ways, you’ll also feel a gradual, but steady relief from tensions, especially in regard to home- and family matters that seem to have weighed on you. After August 11, Jupiter will bring razzle-dazzle to your house of friends and contacts, so socialize! When it comes to fun and love August 26 will be your five-star day.
SAGITTARIUS November 22 – December 21
Exciting overseas travel may fill your sunny days in July and early August. You have an important career year kicking off in late August and September, so while you can get away, do. A day to circle in gold will be August 26, you will likely hear thrilling news about your career. Be sure to be back at home base at that time and not on vacation. You'll have the edge in any action you may need to take in the legal/courts system prior to August 11, including the drawing up of a divorce agreement. In terms of love, if single, you may be changing the type of person you feel would be right for you. You may be moving away from thinking that all a mate needs to be is fun and good-looking (as your top qualifiers ) to prize a future mate who is also stable, faithful and with a fulfilling, successful career. Saturn is making you more serious and practical, giving your personality depth and maturity. This fall you will start to take on new responsibilities—ones that only a few years ago would have been beyond your ability to handle. By late summer you will have your future mapped out, and your goals prioritized, You’ll be eager to move into fall, with September a major point in your timeline, especially in regard to improving living situation and for exciting news about your burgeoning career. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
CAPRICORN December 22 – January 19
Capricorns have had a hard time with a home, family or real estate matter. Some Capricorns have had to move house more than once recently, and that can be a strenuous experience. You may again need to think about a possible move or renovation after the lunar eclipse, September 27, but perhaps you will be moving to take advantage of a career situation. In the meantime, enjoy relief from those matters this summer with opportunities to travel. Fortunately, your cash flow has been exceptionally strong and will continue through the first half of August—if you have to nail a deal do it prior to August 11, the time when you will shine when it comes to funds related to “other people’s money” including commissions, mortgage, venture capital, inheritance, scholarships, and other such funds. If you’re an artist, consider organizing an art exhibition for your work, for you will sell many paintings, bringing profit for you and your dealer. If you are a student heading back to college, you may find an encouraging professor will affect you deeply and help you get to the next level. Finally, in mid-to-late August and in September, you will likely have an opportunity to make a spectacular, awe-inspiring trip. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
AQUARIUS January 20 – February 18
You have the brightest stars shining over you for marriage, dear Aquarius. Many Aquarians will get engaged or married this summer, or will enter into an important business partnership, This is because Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck is making you the most favored of all signs for making a legal commitment to someone dearly important to you. Indeed, any kind of one-on-one collaboration will work out well for you this summer, especially prior to August 11, In the weeks after that, you will see your income increase steadily, for Jupiter will move into Virgo, giving you an excellent outlook for a prosperous coming twelve months, with money coming to you through commission, royalties, licensing fees, or by raising money you need to fund a big, costly project. It appears in late summer you will be dealing with big-money types, such as bankers, developers, studio heads, venture capitalists, estate planners, art dealers, agents and the like---and it will be the perfect time to do so. This won’t be a quiet lazy summer for you by any means: After a madly romantic June, and lots of social activity in early July, you will suddenly see intriguing work projects come up—ones you will love and will be especially suited to do, for they will showcase your talents to a T. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
PISCES February 19 – March 20 (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
PISCES February 19 – March 20 You’re in strong demand on the work front, with assignments pouring in July; you will be quite valuable to your clients or employers. Celebratory news about your income will come about July 1. Through August 11, Jupiter will continue to put you in demand with clients, and finding new business will be as easy as apple pie. Jupiter will have another bonus or you, for you lose weight and become sleek If you have a chronic condition, you will have the ability to find a doctor who understand your condition. July and early August will be a perfect time to give up a health habit you know is not good for you (including eating cookies in bed at midnight). In terms of love, July will be just made for you and whether you are single or attached, choose a beautiful spot near water to best fan the fires of love. (July is Cancer’s time of the year, a water sign) When Jupiter moves into Virgo from August 11, 2015 to September 9, 2016, a span of almost thirteen months, you will have an outstanding opportunity to marry. If you are already wed, your partner will be in demand and prosperous, giving you both more options and opportunities, such as to travel far and wide together or to invest in property in December 2015 (or in June 2016) Near summer’s end, a September 13 new moon solar eclipse will herald a big, positive, change in your lifestyle and it will involve a significant other. Delicious!
ARIES March 21 – April 19
You have much to celebrate! In July, you’ll be able to get a last-minute opportunity. (Maybe a summer cottage at the right price?) Jupiter will be your love sector until August 11, so more than any other sign, you will have the very finest aspects for finding true love. Venus will go retrograde from July 25 through September 6, so go slowly in any new relationship. It would be the right time to try to rekindle a former one. August 26 will be a fortunate day to consult your doctor or join a new gym. On the money front, don’t splurge this summer but, by fall, taskmaster Saturn will be gone and is not due back in your financial house for 29 years. Yay! (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
TAURUS April 20 – May 20
The time prior to July 25 will be the best time of the year for you to make any important intuition. Venus, your ruling planet, will go retrograde July 25 until September 6, the day prior to Labor Day, a time to sit back and enjoy all you did prior to that date. When Venus is retrograde, hold off on plastic surgery, Botox, buying jewels or designer clothes—Venus rules beauty and all that embellishes in life, and you may not enjoy the results of your actions as much as you anticipate if you act during the retrograde. While it’s not the best time to begin new beauty or romantic initiatives, Venus retro will help you enjoy spending the summer digging into old memories, photographs and anything that spurs sentimental feelings of nostalgia. If you are curious, you might enjoy exploring your family tree. Saturn will retrograde, too, this summer and will help you tie up loose ends on a matter regarding a marriage or business partner. Some Taurus have had a hard time in love due to Saturn opposed to their Sun over the past three years, but that phase is now ending. From August 11 until September 2016, a full year from now love will be in the air — this will be the most important trend for finding love and for nurturing your private, emotional side of you that you’ve seen in over a decade. This summer, after September17, both your relationships will improve and the state of your health. Pour the Champagne and raise your glass! (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
GEMINI May 21 – June 21
Jupiter, the giver of luck, will bring divine good fortune to two areas of your life: communication and in relation to all home, real estate and family matters. On August 11, Jupiter will move into your home sector for twelve months, and will help you make huge strides in upgrading your living situation. Do you need to sell property? The offer you get as you get closer to August 26 will be your best—it’s a great day to close the deal. Nearer-term, July 1, when Venus conjuncts Jupiter, you will enjoy a lyrical day, perfect for meeting someone new and intriguing. Circle August 7 as a great day for telecommunications and travel – use it! If you have an ideal for a killer app, start to find someone to work on it with you now. Saturn has recently started to retrograde back to Scorpio and your health sector through September 17, so be careful to follow your doctor’s advice. A note to creative types who run their own business: after the new moon of July 15, you can raise your rates, confident clients will continue to clamor for your goods and services and won’t let money stand in the way. Work for others? Ask for a raise on or after the same date, July 15—it is the most likely time of 2015 that answer you get will be yes. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)
CANCER June 22 – July 22
After years of having to adjust to big changes, lucky Cancer will begin to feel a liberating sense of freedom and a comforting sense of stability. You’ll continue to have good luck with money—your income should continue to rise through August 11 and this will allow you to treat yourself this fall to a designer item you’ve long hoped to buy. In late August, you will see an exciting travel trend start up that will last for more than a year! Although you may not travel far, you will find ways to enjoy the very best accommodations. On the year’s glorious day, August 26, you should see a breakthrough in a communications project. In terms of romance, when Mars enters Cancer—July through August 8, will be your best for experiencing over-the-top romance, for your charisma will be very high. Overall, your summer may be quiet, personal and relaxing, but on September 27, the Harvest Moon—and a total eclipse of the moon---you may make a major career move for an exciting new path may open. (Illustration by Carlos Zamora)

New York Astrologer Susan Miller has a column syndicated globally, a hugely popular website,, a TV show, three apps, a monthly column in Elle magazine, an upcoming series with Deepak Chopra, profiles in The New York Times, New York Post, (and a 2010 Observer cover story on her fans).

So we asked her what the summer might look like for creatives and cultural types headed to the East End. Enjoy!


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