Christie on Charleston shooting: ‘Laws can’t change this’

Gov. Chris Christie told a group of religious voters that “laws can’t change” what happened in Charleston, South Carolina this week, when a white gunman open fired on a Bible study group in a black church, killing nine people.

“Life is precious, and we learned that again in South Carolina,” Christie told the crowd. “The idea that anyone, that any human being, would walk into a church and sit there for an hour and pray with people that he intended to murder, it’s deprave, it’s unthinkable. We can’t put our mind around that.”

““Laws can’t change this. Only the goodwill and the love of the American people can let those folks know that that act was unacceptable, disgraceful and that we need to do more to show that we love each other,” he added.

Christie is speaking at the Road to Majority Conference in Washington D.C., today, a premier gathering for people of faith and conservative activists.

Watch here.

[youtube] Christie on Charleston shooting: ‘Laws can’t change this’