Fun With Don Lemon: The Internet Skewers CNN’s Strange Segment

To start a dialog about race, you could speak frankly about it on a podcast, like President Obama. Or you could take the Don Lemon approach.

Don Lemon on CNN (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)
Don Lemon on CNN (Photo: Screenshot/YouTube)

There are plenty of options available when it comes to starting a much needed dialog about race and racism. For example, you could speak very frankly about it on a popular podcast, as President Obama did last weekend. Or you could have a diverse panel of opinionated people discuss race almost every night on a comedy news show like Larry Wilmore. Or you could take the Don Lemon approach.

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[protected-iframe id=”b9cfa847ee3392305e83221902655b1a-35584880-14935720″ info=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””]

Oh, Don. He’s far from the worst cable news host on TV, but he’s consistently the most laughable. You start to wonder if he does this sort of thing on purpose. Does he begin each day imagining new ways to bait the internet into making fun of him? Whether he meant to or not, that’s certainly what happened after he held up a sign bearing an offensive slur on national television for reasons that are only vaguely discernible.

Gawker got the party started by asking the very appropriate question, “Has Don Lemon lost his goddamn mind?” The site’s commenters were happy to provide not only their answers to the question, but also a selection of photoshops.
1309530731277168742(Via Gawker/Cal Johnson)

Commenter UnderYetOver suggested some alternate, yet still potentially offensive, signs he could have held instead:

1309303922292182702(Via Gawker/UnderYetOver)

Racially insensitive Pepe is the rarest of Pepes.

Soon, other commenters joined in with more shops:
1309337387655754926(Via Gawker/HaGotEeem)
Few things are more offensive than hacky open mic comedy…

1309728113328286565(Via Gawker/wpw)
…Or, to graphic designers, this logo.

1309892727823738027(Via Gawker/Marvinogravelbaloonface)
Oh that’s it, Lemon. Now you’ve gone too far!

Meanwhile on Twitter, Boing Boing asked @darth to lessen the horror of the bit somehow. He was happy to oblige.
[protected-iframe id=”a14a85eb744741e7681d81f19f58788d-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]

And soon people from all over the Twitter-verse joined in with their own.
[protected-iframe id=”33ad9c39155c987ecd2b5685a63752ad-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]
I don’t know about offend, but Sonic the Hedgehog fans always make me uncomfortable. Almost as uncomfortable as this:
[protected-iframe id=”6739fb19bead56fce36b630d316af03e-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]

@ArmyStrang reminds us that making fun of 9/11 “truthers” never gets old.
[protected-iframe id=”acdf5d35980209dbbc73c1c1af8fb7f0-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]

Video game designer and writer Brianna Wu got in on the ground floor with something truly and irredeemably offensive.
[protected-iframe id=”1be5e45aed512b9e3aaf0dc92a48a50c-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]

Dave Itzkoff thought Lemon could have handled his Game of Thrones recap a little better.
[protected-iframe id=”d3a270a96320dd3673b5f23fc15f30d0-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]
To be fair, if you thought things were going to turn out OK for Jon Snow (or any of your favorite characters), you haven’t been paying attention.

And @jdcrowley captured the true eldritch horror of the segment.
[protected-iframe id=”2b651ccc76235889b68a58b5d8dbfda5-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]

These looked like so much fun, I thought I’d try out a couple:

Pizza-DonOh Don, how’d you get so edgy?

But we have to close with what’s, in my opinion, the worst one of all.
[protected-iframe id=”56b03d452dc8022c28e23a5a8de393c8-35584880-14935720″ info=”//” class=”twitter-tweet”]
*Sigh* Well, time for this Seahawks fan to go cry in the corner for a few hours. Again.

Fun With Don Lemon: The Internet Skewers CNN’s Strange Segment