In Edison, Hahn denounces Russomano as ‘a liability’



The general election season lies on the horizon and in Edison that means one thing: Democrats appear determined to keep their lust for Civil War at full tilt.

Having scratched out a win last week over establishment favorite Anthony Russomano to lead the local party organization, Edison Democratic Chairman Keith Hahn tonight responded to the news that Russomano’s allies intend to keep the Doc Paterniti-honed machine in a command position going into the general.

“The claim that Russomano and the council candidates will work closely with the Edison Democratic Organization is a bold face lie,” said Hahn. “Mr. Russomano stormed out of the election last week without saying a word and has refused to return several phone calls to date. Councilman Karabinchak denied any knowledge of, or involvement with the press release yet he was quoted in it, and Council Candidate Sendelsky lost the committee race in his own district because he spent a good portion of his day campaigning with a convicted felon [Nilesh Disondi] and a former Republican Mayoral Candidate [Sam Kahn].”

Hahn heaped scorn on his intra-party rivals.

“They pillaged the EDO treasury for a total of $57,425 as reported on the ELEC Form E-3 dated 5/22/15 of which $15,000 went to Edison Democrats 2016 which listed the same address as the former Chairman,” said the party chairman “The ethics displayed are questionable at best if not illegal in some instances and I will by hiring a forensic accountant to do a complete and thorough audit.

“Russomano is a liability to the campaign of the four council candidates as well as Mayor Lankey’s ability to govern effectively and I will not in any way, shape or form work with Anthony Russomano, Nilesh Disondi or Sam Kahn,” he added. “The establishment did not elect me and it’s obvious they are not accepting me, I will not stand silent while they plot my demise under the guise of “this is the time for unity and cooperation.”

A source, speaking on condition of anonymity at the state of the party, lamented, “There is no Edison Democratic Organization,” and concluded that Hahn’s statements incredibly show the chairman’s desire for his own party’s slate to lose. In Edison, Hahn denounces Russomano as ‘a liability’