Kean Jr.: Christie “best man” for GOP in 2016


LIVINGSTON – Steps away from the stage where New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is on the verge of declaring that he is running for President in 2016, state Senator Tom Kean Jr. (R-21) confirmed that despite reports that he was supporting former Florida Governor Jeb Bush among the scrum of Republicans running for the White House, he is now firmly in step with Christie.

“Chris Christie is the best man for the future of this country. I’m here today, aren’t I?” said Kean, Jr. inside the packed Livingston High School gym on Tuesday morning, directly countering the commonly-held concept that he was backing Bush for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016. “I’ve worked with Chris, and I think that he’s a great talent who is ready for the national stage.”

“This is a great experience for this town, and a great experience for this state,” added Kean Jr., the son of revered former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean, who raised the state Senator in Livingston, not far from where Christie, who volunteered for Kean when he was a teenager during his 1977 gubernatorial campaign, grew up. “We need leadership for America that is strong, and that is perceived to be strong.” Kean Jr.: Christie “best man” for GOP in 2016