Morning News Digest: June 26th


Senate FY2016 Budget a bore snore as Dems pass it 24-16

TRENTON – Senate Democrats played on their Blackberries and gazed at the clock while outraged Republicans took requisite turns trashing the $35.3 million document, all of them on their way to the budget passing in pro forma, bore snore fashion with Dems declaring aye and the GOP nay, out of the New Jersey State Senate and into the lap of an unwilling Republican Governor. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)

Christie kicks off prez bid Tuesday

TRENTON – WNYC reporter Matt Katz is reporting this morning that Gov. Chris Christie plans to formally kick off his 2016 presidential campaign next Tuesday at Livingston High School. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)

Legislative Services Commission meeting devolves into shouting match

TRENTON — Divided over disagreements about process and likely exacerbated by infighting over a major progressive legislative initiative among Democrats in the Assembly and Senate, Thursday morning’s meeting of the Legislative Services Commission quickly devolved into a shouting match between lawmakers. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)

Heading into budget vote, Dems join condemning union leaders

TRENTON — Surrounded by union leaders and their rank-and-file in a cramped room in the statehouse this morning, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) and Assembly Speaker Vinnie Prieto (D-32) sounded one last battle cry before heading into their respective sessions to pass a proposed $35.3 spending plan that includes funding for education and a full FY2016 pension payment. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)

Weinberg and Gordon to drop new Port Authority reform bill today

Democrats in the New Jersey legislature plan to drop a Port Authority bill today or tomorrow that they hope will replace the one passed by legislators in New York this week. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)

Source: Assembly has votes to pass Cooper ambulance bill

TRENTON – Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Democratic source in the vicinity of the caucus room said the Cooper EMS bill has sufficient support to pass today out of the assembly. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)

Dems post bill condemning Confederate Flag

TRENTON – Assembly Majority staff this afternoon added a resolution authored by Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-7) condemning the display of the Confederate Flag, an issue that early has landed in the midst of the 2016 Republican presidential field. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)

Source: Dems trying to find one more vote for override of S-2249

TRENTON – Senate Democrats this afternoon were working to try to find an additional Republican vote to override Gov. Chris Christie’s veto of Senate Bill 229 sponsored by state Senator Bob Gordon (D-38). (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)

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Bramnick blasts Democrats before budget debate

TRENTON – State Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) lashed out at New Jersey’s Democrats on the day the budget battle enters its final stages in the Legislature, asserting that the Garden State’s economy, already choked by overregulation, will die on the vine if any proposed additional taxes are passed as part of the budget. (Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)

Kyrillos on Christie: pro-Bush actions ‘have spoken for themselves’

TRENTON – Moments after voting on budget matters on the Senate floor, state Senator Joe Kyrillos (R-13) made it plain where his vote lies on a matter close to the bone: New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, his fellow Republican and former close ally who will reportedly announce his 2016 presidential bid next Tuesday. (Bonamo/PolitickerNJ)
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‘Safe to say’ tax hikes in Dems budget will see veto, Christie says

TRENTON — Confirming that much of today’s legislative efforts were ultimately for naught, Gov. Chris Christie said on 101.5’s “Ask the Governor” today that he will veto a proposed millionaires tax and other revenue raisers included in Democrats’ $35.3 billion budget. (Brush/PolitickerNJ)
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Ramos will run again in Hoboken, sources say

As expected, former Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (D-33) is gearing up to run for the Ward 4 Council seat in Hoboken, with preliminary operations in place now aimed at a post-Labor Day sprint. (Pizarro/PolitickerNJ)
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Let them vote! Provisionally!

Can you imagine a state without a voter registration process? Well…stop imagining because that is how North Dakota has run elections since 1951. They like to say that their stable communities and small voting districts allow for election board workers to know who should be eligible to vote…and who shouldn’t be. (Christopher Durkin for PolitickerNJ)

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Christie denies he’s made a presidential decision

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie refuted reports that he has made the decision to run for president during a radio interview on Thursday night. (Bash/CNN)

NJ Governor Chris Christie to enter presidential race on Tuesday

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is set to formally enter the 2016 president race on Tuesday, according to people familiar with his plans, putting an end to questions about whether the Republican would join the field after political stumbles last year. (Haddon/WSJ)

Sighs of relief as NJ avoids chaos thanks to Obamacare ruling

For the 172,000 New Jersey consumers who were able to buy health insurance this year because of federal subsidies from President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, Thursday’s Supreme Court decision upholding a key provision of the law meant they wouldn’t lose their coverage. (Washburn, Layton/The Bergen Record)

Port Authority renegotiates scrutinized $1 NJ Transit lease deal in North Bergen to $875K

The Port Authority has reversed a 2012 land deal that came under scrutiny because it benefited a client of the law firm owned by the agency’s former chairman, David Samson, officials said Thursday. (Boburg/The Bergen Record)

NJ Democrats send Christie $35.3 billion budget

The Democratic-controlled Legislature sent Governor Christie a $35.3 billion budget for the coming fiscal year on Thursday, along with some familiar tax increases that seemed destined for his veto pen. (Rizzo) Morning News Digest: June 26th