Pennacchio: ‘going postal’ won’t work for his team’s opponents


MORRIS – On a rain-soaked Decision Day in his home county, state Senator Joe Pennacchio (R-26) said he likes the positioning of his allies, the trio of Republican freeholder candidates led by incumbent John Cesaro and decried the negative tactics of the opposition.

“The numbers logistically favor John’s team,” said the state senator, citing contested races in Cesaro’s hometown of Parsippany and in Montville and Rockaway, where the financially well-heeled incumbent historically performs well.

“A lot of people were turned off [by the Scapicchio-Krickus-Smith Team],” he added, and its hard negative tones, particularly in the finale.

“Going postal the entire campaign as they did, people got tired,” Pennacchio said.

“What are they running for?” he asked. “What do they want to do? John has said the private sector environment grows the economy. Labor can encourage people coming into Morris. Economic development in the private sector is the message, in part, and it is a specious argument that that hurts the taxpayer. It doesn’t. It helps the taxpayer.

“John took it home the last week of the campaign and they offered no alternative,” Pennacchio added.

The senator said he made a robocall to close out the cycle. “The call I made was very positive,” he said.

PolitickerNJ asked the senator about the robocall cut by fellow Morris County Senator Tony Bucco (R-25) for the opposing side. In that call, Bucco called Pennacchio’s ticket “Obama Democrats.”

“I can’t answer for Tony,” Pennacchio said. “I respectfully disagree.” Pennacchio: ‘going postal’ won’t work for his team’s opponents