Primary Election Special Report regarding Atlantic City Council Election

ATLANTIC CITY – Harry Hurley has learned and confirmed that the once vaulted Craig Callaway political organization is poised for a potential big day in the Atlantic City Council Ward elections.The Callaways have a large get-out-the-vote effort ready to go. It includes a strategic messenger paper ballot effort, whereby they have a significant number of people ready, who will serve as “the messenger” for 10 voters each, which is the current state law.

This is why I railed against the state law that was revised years ago which permits one person the right to handle and affect up to 10 votes.

The Callaways are fielding competitive candidates in Wards 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

A sweep would give them control of City Council and the selection of the next President of City Council.

Pay no attention to the result at the polls. If the Callaway candidates are any where near the top, they do what they achieved in last year’s “dress rehearsal” in Pleasantville School Board elections, where they lost at the polls and won with all ballots counted.

Callaway has been a regular a vocal presence at Atlantic City Council meetings. And, he has been fearless, regardless of his past criminal conviction, which chased him from the office of President of City Council. 
Before his arrest and conviction, Callaway was the favorite to become Mayor of Atlantic City. 
Bob Levy became Callaway’s hand picked candidate, after his legal problems. 
Levy left office after being exposed by “Hurley in the Morning” for posing as a Member of The United States Special Forces.
Levy was convicted of federal charges, and, forced to leave office, setting the stage for the political comeback of Lorenzo Langford.  
Primary Election Special Report regarding Atlantic City Council Election