Save the Date: The Nine Same-Sex TV Marriages We Can’t Wait to Attend

Omar Little and Brandon Wright, The Wire
While the rough parts of Baltimore aren't the ideal settings for the ceremony, part of me just wants to see Omar happy. Bonus: I picture Omar walking down the aisle looking exactly like this. 
Ray Holt and Kevin Cozner, Brooklyn 99
This is technically cheating because Ray and Kevin are already married, but god...I just want to see Captain Holt's wedding. It would be so orderly. The schedule would be so strict. I wouldn't have to buy too flashy of a gift. Perfect.
Waylon Smithers and Montgomery Burns, The Simpsons
While Smithers' long-time infatuation with Mr. Burns is well documented, it's never actually been reciprocated. Give in, Mr. Burns. See what's right in front of you. Plus, with all that money, the spread would be to die for.
Renly Baratheon and Loras Tyrell, Game of Thrones
If we're picturing how the ceremony will look based solely on Renly's crown, we're in. For now, let's forget the Red Weddng. And Joffrey's wedding. And Sansa's... actually, we're busy that day. We'll send a card.
Barbara Kean and Renee Montoya, Gotham
Those two are pretty toxic, but Barbara obviously has more chemistry with Renee than with jawline-with-legs Jim Gordon. Barring interference from any fear gas, freeze rays, or murderous clowns, Gotham just seems like a lovely place for a wedding.
Ray Gillette and anyone, Archer
After being crippled (twice) and becoming a cyborg, Ray Gillette just deserves marital bliss with someone that accepts his robot arm. His wedding party? His two pistols, Liza and Betty, obviously.
We just want someone in Litchfield to have a meaningful, happy relationship that involves zero backstabbing and no shanking. And we're not sure how we're going to get past security to even attend, but Poussey and Brook offer the most optimistic chance for love.
James the Vampire and Lafayette Reynolds, True Blood
Okay, so I spent an entire season comparing James to a block of wood, which was kind of insulting to blocks of wood. But anyone whose last boyfriend was murdered by a witch just deserves happiness. Plus, I have to assume Big John is whipping up some dirty rice for the occasion, so it's worth the trip down South.
Dale Cooper and Harry S. Truman, Twin Peaks
I mean, they never said it but come on. Host the ceremony in the Black Lodge. Say your vows backwards. And for the reception, dancing! 

Wow, what a joyous day this is.

In case you haven’t looked at the internet, or a TV screen, or out the window this afternoon, the Supreme Court ruled today that same-sex marriage is officially legal nationwide. This is a day for celebration, and who says characters that don’t exist in real life can’t celebrate, too! From the streets of Baltimore to the swamps of Louisiana to Westeros and back, here’s the ten same-sex TV marriages we can’t wait to attend.

(Look, I know some of these characters are, well, they’re dead, because TV in general is a soulless wench that feeds off our sadness and refuses to let anyone be happy. But TODAY is a happy day! So we’re going to focus not on the darkest but the brightest timelines, where these characters got to live happily ever after.)

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