See Blondie (and Morrisey) Perform at Madison Square Garden

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Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie perform at SXSW. (Photo: Getty Images)
Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondie perform at SXSW. (Photo: Getty Images)


You’re never going to be as cool as Debbie Harry. And that is O.K.! If you were the lead singer of Blondie you would have to spend probably a third of your life styling your hair so you look like some sort of beautiful Valkyrie. Then you’d have to devote another third figuring out how to say awesome, acerbic things to interviewers. And you’d have to spend the rest singing like some sort of fallen angel. That would be a lot of work! You know what’s considerably less work? Just going to see Blondie perform tonight at Madison Square Garden. She’ll be sharing the stage with Morrisey (personally, I believe you probably already are at least as cool as Morrisey). Are they going to sing duets together? Maybe! Probably! It is going to be awesome, and your combat-boot-wearing teenage self is already jealous of you for living in a world where you get to do stuff life this. Madison Square Garden, 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, 8 p.m., $35-$150

SUNDAY June 28

The worst time to get into any kind of workout has to be January. The gyms are always crammed with people who have just made their New Year’s resolution to get in shape. They will take over all the machines, and you will wonder why you ever did this mad “working out” thing. The other worst time is probably June, when everyone is trying to get a beach body on their half day before going to the Hamptons, but do not let that stop you. You can figure out which hip new workout is the hip new workout for you at Self magazine’s Up and Out Studio event this weekend. The studio is going to feature what they promise are some of “this year’s hottest workouts like Barry’s Bootcamp, CityRow, CPX, Flywheel, Jetset Miami, Kettlebell Kickboxing, Mile High Run Club, Plojam, Pure Barre, Shift by Dana Perri, and 305 Fitness.” I only know what maybe half of those are, so I am pretty sure they are incredibly cool. (Especially Jetset Miami! I have no idea what it is, but I am hoping you get to do stuff on trapezes in swimsuits.) It’s an awesome chance to see what workout you’ll actually want to commit to in August when the gyms are virtually empty. Spring Studios, 50 Varick Street, classes from 8:30 a.m.-1:40 p.m., $35 for one class, $50 for two classes See Blondie (and Morrisey) Perform at Madison Square Garden