Source: casino ballot question this year ‘deader than disco’

bee-gees-gibb-420x0Getting Hard Rock on the ballot this year would be akin to resurrecting Jim Morrison and the Doors, a source on the inside of the casino kerfuffle tonight told PolitickerNJ.

Adding insult to metaphorical injury, the well-heeled source invoked another musical genre anathema to hard rock and roll fans.

Despite North Jersey’s best efforts to formulate a North Jersey casino gaming general election question amid near pushing and shoving behind closed doors in Trenton, the source said he expects the gaming question this year to be “deader than disco.”

There’s no chance George Norcross III and Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) will let the question on the ballot, said the source, arguing that it’s not just about losing a seat or two in the assembly but the future composition of the state senate, which for South Jersey could hinge on protecting those seats.

“Too much leverage in deals for leadership spots depends on the South Jersey Democratic senators maintaining numbers,” said the source. “Not to mention how it impacts [the 2017] governor’s race. That’s why the talk is three [casinos]. The three would be Jersey City, Meadowlands and Newark; Newark for [Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo] Joe D. Without Joe D., the south can’t win the front office.”

The source added, “I don’t see anyone dumb enough to do Newark.”

In the ensuing free-for-all this week of others jumping into the casino conversation, the source added ruefully, “There shouldn’t have been any discussion about location. The ballot question should merely [have been] ‘should we expand gaming outside AC.’ Thereafter they could ran whatever they want regarding locations through the legislature.”

A North Jersey source dismissed the assessment.

“Disco’s been making a comeback,” he mused.

  Source: casino ballot question this year ‘deader than disco’