Spotify Rewinds Time and Tastes

With the new Taste Rewind feature, Spotify tries to curate music.

spotify music streaming
With the new Taste Rewind feature, Spotify tries its hand at curating music. (Photo: Spotify)

Whatever lets me listen to Tina Turner before lunch is undoubtedly a good thing. Today, I owe it to Spotify’s Taste Rewind.

“Taste Rewind” is your musical #tbt. Login to Spotify’s Taste Rewind site, and the service will connect to your pre-existing Spotify account and craft playlists based on your listening history. The process couldn’t be simpler: The landing page asked me to select three artists from a tile, and I could scroll through samples of playlists for six decades’ worth of music curated for me. While the initial collection of artists seemed a bit random — how much Shaggy do I actually listen to? — by take two I selected musicians that actually populate my daily playlists.

The result: A CD with my name on it. Literally — each decade’s playlist has a unique, cleverly designed graphic. The 90s playlist was my personal CD, the 80s playlist was my personal mixtape, the 70s playlist was my “favorite vinyl” and the 60s playlist was my “radio favorites.” A few clicks and a scroll or two yielded an impressive return: six fifteen-song deep dives into my favorite decades.

The onus behind this new feature is clear: No matter what competition Tidal is or isn’t bringing, Apple Music is coming. Spotify has 20 million active users, and music curation is a lasting requirement for this industry. While some of my selection was comprised of random deep cuts that earned their forgotten status for a reason, Taste Rewind is the earliest sign of an answer to the company’s decision to cut third-party apps in the fall. Spotify Rewinds Time and Tastes