Stack organizing in JC on a Saturday inevitably inspires martial imagery


They came forward like a bundled mass of will, Stalingrad staccato steps borne from Union City to the Heights of JC, and a familiar figure in the vanguard.

image1(1)It was state Senator Brian P. Stack (D-33) leading the charge of Saturday morning organizers into that part of the 33rd District the senator gained in the aftermath of the 2011 redistricting process. Stack’s manic organizing throughout a snooze-fest of an election season has Hudson County insiders buzzing seriously now at the prospect of a 2019 Stack jab at Hudson County Executive, not to mention the role he can play in a 2017 mayoral contest.

“He’s more animated than ever,” groaned a follower, with his head in his hands.

Men at Work wrote a song about this sort of thing.

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise – the last politically surviving remnant of the political puzzle pieces that rose around former Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy – this year ran unopposed. Next time, if Stack’s accelerated footprint is to be interpreted as arming for future endeavors, he could have company.

Or it’s possible Stack’s simply doing what he always does: preparing for reelection as if the German Army is on the other side of the divide. But there’s also the matter of Stack’s deepened alliance with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, a 2017 prospect for governor, and the senator’s demonstrable good position in northern quarters to give a boost to Fulop’s successor.

image1 Stack organizing in JC on a Saturday inevitably inspires martial imagery