Step Into Battle With a Gladiator Sandal This Summer

It looks good, no matter how you lace it up

Through the tangle of leather, studs and fringe, one style of sandal stands out: the deluxe gladiator.

The historic footwear can be credited to the ancient Romans, who laced up their utilitarian shoes for combat. Since then, designers have revamped the neo-classical style with eccentric colors and streamlined straps, more fitting for a cocktail party than a tussel in a coliseum.

Valentino Aphrodite Leather Gladiator Sandals, $1,345, (Photo:

Should a literal iteration of the shoe be desired, modern goddesses can look no further than Valentino’s aptly named Aphrodite Leather Gladiator Sandals. For a fiercer, more warrior-inspired look, Paul Andrew’s stilettoed pair will hold court in a boardroom, especially when partnered with a slim pencil skirt. For a playful interpretation on the trend, Aquazzura delivers the sandal with a multicolored punch.


Aquazzura Resort Collection 20141147
Aquazzura Amazon Multicolor, $556, Neiman Marcus (Photo: Courtesy)

Don’t be alarmed by these traversing ties and straps that lace up to the knee; each of these styles features an easy access zipper. Today’s modern warriors can spend less time getting dressed and more time heading into battle, whether that be IRL or on Twitter.

PaulAndrew_SS20150385 (1)
Paul Andrew Gladiator High Heel Sandal, $1995, (Photo: Courtesy)
Step Into Battle With a Gladiator Sandal This Summer