Word on the Tweet: The Dick Costolo Edition

Even Snoop Dogg weighed in on the Twitter CEO's exit

When Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stepped down yesterday, there was a robust reaction on the site. (Twitter)
Everyone from Farhad Manjoo to Snoop Dogg had something to say about Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stepping down. (Twitter)

When Twitter CEO Dick Costolo resigned yesterday, countless think pieces were published explaining why he had failed at his job— a shortsighted IPO, languishing stock price and stagnant metrics were among the most commonly cited reasons.

Not surprisingly, however, some of the most robust commentary on Mr. Costolo’s exit appeared on the site he ran until yesterday. Twitter employees started the hashtag #thankyoudickc to show their love for their axed boss:

Media columnists covering the story compared themselves to athletes springing into action:

Others hoped that the new CEO would make the site more user friendly:

And some wondered why this story was being covered so heavily at all:

It wasn’t just Media Twitter getting in on the act, however—one rapper with a sense of humor started his own guerrilla election campaign:

For his part, Mr. Costolo took a celebratory view of things, congratulating his interim successor Jack Dorsey:

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Twitter or its ousted CEO—but rest assured media columnists will be at the ready for whatever comes next.

  Word on the Tweet: The Dick Costolo Edition