Afternoon Bulletin: Cash Bail to End for 3,000 Awaiting Trial, Man O’War Strikes LI

The entrance to Rikers Island. (Photo: Getty Images)
The entrance to Rikers Island (Photo: Getty Images). Getty Images

The number of people awaiting trial while locked up in prison is staggeringly high, and many are there because they can’t afford to post bail. To counter this, Mayor de Blasio announced a program earlier today that would release around 3,000 low-risk people while they await trial. The $18 million program is both intended to reduce the amount of people who lose their jobs because they are temporarily locked up and lower the population of our overcrowded prisons. (Observer)

A new lawsuit against the NYPD claims that several cops threw a 17 year old Troy Canales, who is autistic, on the ground outside his home in the Bronx, then punched him in the face before taking him to the precinct—only to be released without being charged. The lawsuit alleges that police are not trained to help people with special needs, claiming that “The New York City Police Department’s practices, procedures, training and rules… do not account for, instruct on, delineate, or provide guidelines for Police Officer communication and interaction with people with developmental disabilities and autism in a constitutionally adequate manner.” (DNAinfo)

The Portuguese Man O’ War must have a good publicist. In the past week, this stinging, sometimes deadly jellyfish-like creature has popped up on the Jersey Shore, washed up on Fire Island’s Cherry Grove beach, and now has stung three people in the area, two of which were children under 8. What’s scary is, even though the creatures often wash up on the beach dead, they’re still poisonous just lying there on the shore. (Gothamist)

At least 11 women have quit or been terminated from the office Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson, a former sexual harassment lawyer, claiming Mr. Thompson’s sexism and his favoring of men over women in the office as a reason. Among them was high-profile prosecutor Coleen Balbert, who was recruited to head the DA’s Sex Crimes and Special Victims Bureau. (New York Post)

Although arguably it’s Laguardia that needs the most work, it’s JFK airport that’s getting a chill new rooftop lounge. The new 4,000+ square foot deck will have everything from a post-security dog walking area and a Hebrew National hot dog stand. Plus, New Yorkers won’t even need to be a JetBlue preferred or elite member to enjoy the perks. (Metro)

Afternoon Bulletin: Cash Bail to End for 3,000 Awaiting Trial, Man O’War Strikes LI