Afternoon Bulletin: LaGuardia Airport to Undergo Major Reconstruction

An empty LaGuardia Airport. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

LaGuardia Airport is set to get a major revamp, Gov. Cuomo announced today (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images). (Photo: Spencer Platt for Getty Images)

This afternoon marked a major announcement from Vice President Joe Biden and Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding the restructuring of LaGuardia Airport. Deeming the airport “un-New York,” Gov. Cuomo announced a $4 billion investment into a total redesign and rebuilding of the Queens complex that will more than double the space for airport services. (CBS)

New York Magazine’s much talked about Bill Cosby story is finally back online. The website crashed earlier this morning following last night’s publication of a major piece compiling the stories of 35 women who have publicly accused Cosby of rape or sexual assault. ThreatKing—a hacker affiliated with Vikingdom, a group responsible for hacking several government sites earlier this year—claimed responsibility, claims a hatred for New York as his motivation behind the hack and Vikingdom has reportedly released a list of other target websites with the name “New York” in them. (Observer)

Several startups have arrived fresh from San Francisco with a solution to one of New York City’s most infuriating problems: parking. Apps like Luxe and Zirx, among others, are offering New Yorkers a new way to park their cars: by letting someone else do it. (Crain’s New York)

Narco Freedom, one of New York’s largest chains of three-quarter houses, is in a well of financial trouble. Nearly 800 residents of the 18 “Freedom Houses” are at risk of being displaced due to the company’s instability, the causes of which are a cross between an illegal kickback scheme organized by Narco’s owners and its crippling monthly losses in revenue. As of now, the city is scrambling to secure additional funding to keep Narco afloat short-term during its restructuring. (Daily News) Afternoon Bulletin: LaGuardia Airport to Undergo Major Reconstruction