Afternoon Bulletin: Low Crime Rate for June, Meanwhile Apartments Just get Pricier

"Next time I'm going for the YouTube shift..." (Photo: Getty)

The crime rate plunged last month (Photo: Getty).

Though the temperature may be fluctuating, the city’s crime rate isn’t. The month of June has one of the city’s lowest crime in more than four decades. Murders have dropped from last year’s high of 32 to 21, reported rape cases are down 12 percent, among other statistical plunges when compared to last year’s figures. “We think the year will be won in terms of crime, a high-ranking law enforcement official told DNA Info. “But the question is the violence.” (DNAinfo)

“I’ll take the VonDerrit Myers Jr.” joked one patron of midtown’s 21 Club. Only Myers wasn’t a entree, but an eighteen year old black teen who was fatally shot last October by an off-duty police officer in St. Louis. Last night, a group of Black Lives Matter activists from the Never 21 collective posed as waiters and presented the restaurant’s crowd with a list of 21 names in lieu

of menus, all black victims of police shootings. (Animal New York)

Crime might be dropping, but your rent won’t anytime soon: the average home sale has climbed to $1.87 million in Manhattan, the highest in the borough’s history. The twist everyone saw coming: Most of the buyers paying the million dollar price tags come from overseas. The conclusion for those closer to home looking to purchase the city’s priciest pads? It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. (Gothamist)

Former Democratic senator Malcolm Smith was sentenced to seven years in prison for a scheme to pay his way onto the ballot for the city’s 2013 mayoral election. In February, a court found Smith guilty of bribery, and prosecutors said he authorized as much as $200,000 in bribes.(New York Post)

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposed carriage-ban has started to stumble: This afternoon, another council member signaled her lack of support. “It would be wrong to deprive the drivers of their beloved horses and livelihood and to deprive New York City of the quality jobs an the character that these horse-drawn carriages contribute,” wrote Councilwoman Debi Rose Rose, a Democrat who represents Staten Island’s North Shore, in a facebook post. Now, nine members support the ban, 14 oppose it, and 28 remain undecided. (Capital New York) Afternoon Bulletin: Low Crime Rate for June, Meanwhile Apartments Just get Pricier