At $1K, 55-Gallon Bottle of Lube is Amazon Prime Day’s Best Deal

We're not kidding

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Within five minutes of waking up this morning, I—naturally—thought of something I needed to order on Amazon (AMZN). So I went on the site, and was right away reminded that it’s Prime Day. YAY, except, not at all—the deals generally sucked.

Later on Twitter, I came across one admittedly humorous deal that is actually an incredible bang for your buck—a 55-gallon bottle of water-based lubricant.

Amazon Prime Day turned out to be the Internet’s worst clearance rack

As mentioned, I discovered this on Twitter, so obviously, the news came with a few jokes. Comments along the lines of “I’ll stock up right now!” and “I just bought this yesterday :(” accompanied the RTs.

But I want to stop everyone here—before this joke goes any further—because this is a serious STEAL. It’s a proven fact that buying in bulk is the best way to save money. It’s the business model that Costco thrives on and that we eat up. If you disagree, explain the five pound Cheez-It box in your closet.

This 55-gallon lube bottle is the very definition of bulk, and today, it costs only $1,361.80–a markdown by nearly 50 percent. That’s already a major discount, but I did some simple math to figure out exactly how much lucky consumers can save.

We looked around on Amazon, and it seems most of the more average bottles of lube contain 16 ounces. This means that the super savor bottle of 55 gallons (or 7040 ounces) contains 440 regular sized bottles of lube.

Passion Lubes, the same brand that makes the 55-gallon bottle, also sells a 16 ounce product on Prime for $15.21. So at that price, the same 55-gallon quantity packaged into 440 separate bottles would cost $6,692.

But today, all of this can be yours for just a little over 1K. If you don’t think Amazon is delivering the promised “better than Black Friday deals” today, think again.

Hurry, only three are left in stock!

At $1K, 55-Gallon Bottle of Lube is Amazon Prime Day’s Best Deal