Camp Google’s Video Shows How to Make an Egg Float

Plus other activities all summer long

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Have kids sitting at home looking for things to do this summer? Google wants to give them educational activities that get them interested in science. The company is calling it Camp Google. Yesterday, it released three new videos about the ocean. Two of them come with activities.

The video on how things float shows a hands-on experiment that makes an egg suspend in water. Raise your hand if you thought eggs floated in tap water already? This reporter did, but they don’t. Add a bit of salt, however, and they do. The water just needs to be a bit denser.

Once you think about it in terms of density, it makes sense that an egg wouldn’t float, which is the sort of insight that Mountain View hopes to deliver to kids at home, one suspects.

This week kicks off its first week, Ocean Week, at Camp Google. The first video offers a broad view of the ocean by showing divers going under the surface. Then there’s the video on floating and another on how dolphins see underwater in low light (it has an activity, too).

Nothing in the materials Google has put out thus far indicates how many more videos will come up in a given week, but the video above hints at a lot of interesting questions. Why do guitars have holes, right? It’s one of those things you can sort of guess at, but you don’t really know.

Find out at camp?

Topics to come: space, the wild and music. All free. Kids don’t even have to log in, either. Projects are aimed at kids 7-10, but, honestly, anyone with some curiosity and some free time might get something out of it. Common household items will be required, but there is a list with every video.

Camp Google’s Video Shows How to Make an Egg Float