Christie gets testy over Trump question on Fox and Friends


On an appearance on Fox and Friends this morning, Governor Chris Christie bewailed the Obama Administration’s Nuclear Deal with Iran, voiced irritation at having to answer a question about Donald Trump, and derided Hillary Clinton as a calculatedly leftward-leaning contender.

“It’s an awful deal… as it’s outlined now,” said the Republican presidential candidate in reference to the Iran deal. “You wouldn’t buy a car this way. This deal so far looks like it could be part of a failed deal.”

He disliked a question about his 2016 rival Trump.

“The comments were inappropriate. That’s now the 15th time I’ve said it, it’s going to be the last time I said it,” Christie said. “His comments have nothing to do with immigration.”

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will formally enter the race for the presidency today. Calling him a successful governor, Christie called “Scott” a friend and welcomed him to the race, but also noted how he himself, when he chaired the Republican Governors Association (RGA), gave Walker $9.5 million “to help him win.”

Having just completed a run in New Hampshire composed of 14 events over the course of five days, Christie described his run for president as “so far, so good.” He said he’s getting a lot of questions about terrorism (“There’s a lot of questions about Isis and just the state of affairs around the world”), and college affordability (“They’re also concerned about high student debt and the way it’s affecting their lives and their children’s lives.”).

Christie jeered at former Secretary of State Clinton’s economic plan and what he cited as a tilt leftward. “Maybe Elizabeth Warren wrote this speech the same way she wrote the announcement speech,” said the feisty New Jerseyan.





  Christie gets testy over Trump question on Fox and Friends