Cory Booker Helped Angry NJTransit Commuters Raise Hell on Twitter This Morning

Photos: Wikipedia, Pixabay)

U.S. Senator Cory Booker. (Photos: Wikipedia, Pixabay)

Every Tuesday, I attempt to be early for work. But every Tuesday, an NJTransit delay causes me to be late for work.

It never fails. And this is not to say there are service problems weekly, but rather that service problems occur incredibly consistently. Using the last 24 hours as a case study, trains were delayed two hours in the evening then one hour the following morning.

While I sit on these stagnant trains five or so times a week, I usually browse Twitter. Lately, I’ve noticed an increasing number of delay-rage tweets directed towards @NJTranist. I’m guessing it’s caused by a mix of the nearly daily delays, NJT’s tendency to blame Amtrak (even when those trains are whizzing by) and the upcoming fare hikes.

This morning, NJTransit posted the following tweet among a few others announcing morning delays.

Almost instantly, the angry tweet storm was alive in full force.

Eventually, someone called in Cory Booker, U.S. Senator from New Jersey.

Attempting to bring massive transit delays to the attention of government officials is not exactly new, but Senator Booker replied with support almost immediately.

He even tried to open up the dialogue further, off the 140 character platform.

One could argue he’s just a politician saving face, but he could have ignored the angry plea like Chris Christie did when he was called to action a few tweets later. Chances are that as the former Mayor of Newark, home to one of NJTransit’s most important rail stations, Cory Booker has been feeling this pain for a long time. Cory Booker Helped Angry NJTransit Commuters Raise Hell on Twitter This Morning