Everyone Was Nearly Nude at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gala Last Night

A slew of models and starlets donned their sheerest frocks to party with the actor in Saint-Tropez

[getty src=”481631724?et=JQ7jOeYTTf5bq0VlipHGpQ&viewMoreLink=on&sig=hZkENX4Vs_fznVXqXSjUC50ycLnfZ3PB975E6SQBzLM=” width=”594″ height=”396″]
These days it seems Leonardo DiCaprio is more closely associated with being a modelizer than he is with being an actor. Or an outspoken activist for the environment. So when he happens to throw a gala for his namesake foundation, which aims to improve the “long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants”, naturally the guest list is a long list of beautiful people.

Such was the case last night, when stars including Elton John, Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn, Orlando Bloom and Kate Hudson partied in Saint-Tropez for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s second annual bash. And it should come as no surprise that the attractive attendees were properly dressed for the occasion, meaning there were many nearly nude dresses on show. While the frocks of the evening may have featured embroidery, embellishments and layers of luxe lace, the main point of these outfits were to show some skin. Which is just the way Mr. DiCaprio likes it.

[getty src=”481637410?et=4XB5IbsARzFjuRr6shLuVA&viewMoreLink=on&sig=hBfrUMJ3b5QI-68WAmasuir6RbAJfZluj6wKpWXBzt0=” width=”396″ height=”594″]
Save for some strategic embroidery and a pair of black skivvies, Jessica Stam put her body on show last night.

[getty src=”481631820?et=ZfwiQkS5R2pnqOL7rBtsqQ&viewMoreLink=on&sig=K9_CZHQYul0VWsn8LdLfK0H37t4MXVcc5KpvoTu6rJ8=” width=”395″ height=”594″]
Michelle Rodriguez opted for a totally black color palette, in a dress by Francesco Scognamiglio.

[getty src=”481632082?et=3ahCAzKbS21gda_fLnrFRw&viewMoreLink=on&sig=yGUxLnY-OQrQWjjJJdoHGigdLIDa3hXBsVP6GLuR414=” width=”395″ height=”594″]
Orlando Bloom and Kate Hudson look extremely entertained. Perhaps they were laughing about Ms. Hudson’s dangerously low neckline?

[getty src=”481631808?et=Za-lLQEtQQJ5rHjSSfMtBQ&viewMoreLink=on&sig=VMqVmUtnXf9wxiEivfJvkuPn_Ybr9KSAWQSC8Da8yOI=” width=”395″ height=”594″]
Atelier Versace dressed Irina Shayk in this bustier gown, which was not only nude in color, but also featured risqué cleavage-baring cutouts.

[getty src=”481631802?et=edu0zhcvROtzG9S1PGnUGg&viewMoreLink=on&sig=LVKFHWw0FjwMYU0d5PeRRoxZi8dL_ZqE1jz05s6PC1Y=” width=”395″ height=”594″]
Petra Nemcova paired her sheer green dress with a healthy dose of leg.

[getty src=”481637470?et=qLsVqZqxRWpJ7f8WUrjlQw&viewMoreLink=on&sig=UrI0mydxlXcX-E7Ntmbx3XR53W2vFCU5f4arJBeBc9U=” width=”395″ height=”594″]
Even Leo’s latest girlfriend, model Kelly Rohrbach bared some skin, although she may have been one of the most covered up models at the event.

[getty src=”481637344?et=PRDJ0VvLRKpW-p4q1ocyTw&viewMoreLink=on&sig=jGKiGcCGTqc-VvbLmxaghlD4oKEkBxxki5R9lH6fXdc=” width=”395″ height=”594″]
Props to Naomi Campbell for trying out the nude dress look. She was giving off a very stylish shipwreck victim vibe, also in Atelier Versace. Everyone Was Nearly Nude at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Gala Last Night