GOP Chairs Call on LD16 Democrats to Cancel Fundraiser with Torricelli

gaburo[1]Hunterdon County Republican Chairman Pat Torpey and Somerset County Republican Chairman Al Gaburo (pictured, left) today responded to the news of LD16 Democratic challengers fundraising with former U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli.

“New Jerseyans are well aware that Bob Torricelli’s past behaviors resulted in his resignation from the United States Senate and a formal letter of admonishment from the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, only furthering our state’s sad reputation for political corruption,” said the two chairs in a joint-statement. “That’s bad enough.  But what’s worse is that with reports that he’s hosting a fundraising event for Assembly candidates Maureen Vella and Andrew Zwicker, Bob Torricelli appears to be grooming a new set of soldiers to do his bidding in the State House. 

“Perception is reality in New Jersey politics,” the chairs added. “And the sad reality is that by having a disgraced United States Senator raise money for them, Vella and Zwicker are showing voters they’ll stoop to any depth to grab any and all campaign dollars, no matter the source, and no matter how improper it looks. Today, we call upon Maureen Vella and Andrew Zwicker to cancel their upcoming fundraising event at Bob Torricelli’s estate and refuse any campaign contributions given by or directed from Mr. Torricelli.  The voters they seek to represent deserve nothing less.”

Somerset County Democratic Chair Peg Schaffer shot back in a statement.

“What hypocrisy my GOP colleagues are demonstrating,” she said. “They should stop worrying about our candidates’ fundraiser at the home of a former U.S. Senator who was cleared by the Bush Justice Department of any wrongdoing and retired honorably and encourage their candidates to stand up to a governor who is bankrupting our state, fiscally, socially and morally.”


  GOP Chairs Call on LD16 Democrats to Cancel Fundraiser with Torricelli