LD1 Battleground: Fiocchi Fires off a Letter to Obama’s EPA Administrator

Running for reelection in LD1 – one of the three most watched districts in the general election season – incumbent Republican fiocchi_color[1]Assemblyman Sam Fiocchi (R-1) made President Barack Obama his target today, firing off a letter to  the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency head urging her and Obama to abandon their plans to increase ethanol levels up to the 15% level.

In the letter to Administrator Gina McCarthy, Fiocchi  cites The Press of Atlantic City in nothing that “it is indisputable fact that the current 10% mix, or E-10, has damaged or destroyed outboard engines and motor boat fuel systems and is driving up repair cost on hardworking, middle-class boaters who are already struggling to pay their tax bills, send their children to college and save for their retirement.”

The assemblyman said that raising the standard even further won’t solve the problem – it will only make it worse.

“No pun intended, but this move is akin to pouring gasoline on already raging fire,” he wrote. “My constituents can’t afford it. In addition to higher repair costs, these ethanol blends are causing warranties to be voided and, dangerously, causing boaters to be stranded out on the water when their craft breaks down.

“Last, but not least, is that the unintended consequence of this so-called pro-environment policy will result in tens of thousands of gallons of gas wasted due to the ethanol gas breaking down over the winter months and rendering it useless when boaters get back on the water in the spring,” added the Republican. “It is likely that not all of this gas is disposed of properly and ends up leading to additional ground pollution by forcing frustrated boat owners to dispose of it on their own.”




LD1 Battleground: Fiocchi Fires off a Letter to Obama’s EPA Administrator