Pascrell: Iran Deal ‘Moving In The Right Direction’


LYNDHURST—While U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9) says he has not yet had the time to fully review the Iran nuclear deal, the congressman says that his initial response to deal is that it is “moving in the right direction.”

“I would rather deal with a bad character like Iran knowing they don’t have any nuclear weapons than deal with them knowing they potentially do,” he said at a Monday event for local business owners. “If we are going to send our daughters and sons there, we need to keep them safe.”

For Pascrell—who still says he is about 40 pages away from the end of the deal and wants to be briefed by experts before it is time to cast a vote—the deal in no way reflects his views on Israel, even though the country is calling for a rejection of the deal due to concerns it will fuel terror in Iran.

“I will put my support of Israel against anybody’s,” Pascrell said. “I think that Iran not having the ability to build a bomb is the most critical thing here. This isn’t about one country, this is about an entire region.”

For Pascrell, the most important thing is to limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons in turbulent regions, regardless of whether or not sanctions need to be put in place to do so.

“The more we proliferate this stuff, the more difficult it is to bring diplomacy in to negotiations,” he said.

Last week, President Barack Obama vowed that he would veto any efforts by legislatures to block the Iran nuclear deal. The deal aims to curb Iran’s nuclear deal while also easing economic sanctions.

Fellow New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez—who is currently facing indictment under corruption charges—has been vocal about his concern with the Iran deal. Pascrell: Iran Deal ‘Moving In The Right Direction’