Pluto Pics Go Where No Meme Has Gone Before

Pluto flyby from New Horizon  (Photo: NASA)

Pluto flyby from New Horizons (Photo: NASA)

Well, this was a great view to wake up to Tuesday morning. Holy crap, we actually did it. New Horizon, a spacecraft launched nine and a half years ago, sent back the clearest images ever of Pluto, once called the furthest planet in our solar system. Its status has since been changed to “dwarf planet,” but that doesn’t make this feat any less impressive. Here’s how NASA reacted.

And the rest of the world felt pretty much the same way, even those with only a passing interest in space.

The internet was flooded with tweets and images congratulating NASA and celebrating the unprecedented up-close view of this small, distant world. Basically, as Redditor I_Say_I_Say pointed out:
DFCrTOq(Via Reddit/I_Say_I_Say)

Over on Tumblr, some folks imagined the flyby from Pluto’s point of view.

Or, possibly a more accurate depiction of what happened:

Back on Reddit, ilikechefboyardee had a different interpretation of what we did out there.
EypO11J(via Reddit/ilikechefboyardee)
You have to admit, he has a point. We are basically being a creepy ex right now.

The most striking detail of all was the adorably heart-shaped formation on Pluto’s surface. Or as NASA called it:

It’s such a perfect description of that formation, that Dean Cole illustrated NASA’s metaphor literally.

And someone else responded with this slightly more pointed and meme-y interpretation of the message:

Not everyone saw a heart though.

Come on, you had to know there’d be at least one Disney joke.

OK, two. That’s it, I promise.

Pluto wasn’t even the only cartoon dog people saw up there either.

And others? Well, they apparently confused the outskirts of our solar system for a galaxy far, far away.

And of course, some people just can’t let humanity have a victory without being a story topper.

We get it Clark, you’re so much better than us. But just so you know, Man of Steel sucked so it’s still Earth 1, Superman 0. Besides, you’re not the only one who’s been to Pluto before.

And just in case the whole #PlutoFlyby wasn’t mindblowing enough, these two reminded us just how incredible this really is.

Boy, that makes you feel small, doesn’t it?

Pluto Pics Go Where No Meme Has Gone Before