‘Ray Donovan’ Redux: 2×4 Recap – ‘S U C K’

Remember Tiny? He was Sully's guy on the dock when Sully got shot. You know, he's really huge and everybody calls him Tiny because those Boston guys are real ball busters.

Ray and Tiny (Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME)
Ray and Tiny (Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME)

In gearing up for 3rd season of Showtime’s Ray Donovan, we’re republishing our recaps from last season. To check out all things Donovan-esque, click here.

So Tiny is in a supermarket shoving prepackaged lunch meat into his pockets. Remember Tiny? He was Sully’s guy on the dock when Sully got shot. You know, he’s really huge and everybody calls him Tiny because those Boston guys are real ball busters. Well, Tiny is still in LA, and he’s broke and hungry. He’s also greedy because he could have walked out the door with his sweet Oscar Mayer score but heard the siren song of rotisserie chicken. Tiny tries to stuff a chicken in his jacket and he gets busted.

Last we left, Ray was having drinks with Boston Globe reporter, Kate McPherson. Ray was trying to convince Kate that Mickey had nothing to do with the Sully story she’s writing. It seems like Kate needed a lot of convincing because we now see Ray having sex with her.

Cochran is getting his morning exercise in on the treadmill when he gets a call that sees him yelling “fuck” repeatedly. “Where’s Ray Donovan?” Looks like Ray is in trouble.

No matter. Ray was at least able to take care of his reporter problem. A night with Ray will make her forget all about this Mickey nonsense, right? “Just because we fucked doesn’t mean I won’t do my job.” What? That’s exactly what that’s supposed to mean. Now Ray still has to worry about Kate talking to Mickey and he has to deal with the guilt of cheating on his wife. Poor Ray. He leaves Kate’s hotel room. A new house will probably make this better. Ray calls Deb while he’s on the elevator and puts in a bid of the full asking price of 4.6 million for Abby’s dream house. Full asking price, Ray? In this market? Infidelity really impairs his business acumen.

The elevator opens and FBI Agent Frank Barnes is in the lobby waiting for Ray. Frank leads Ray to Cochran, who is waiting in the hotel restaurant having breakfast and he’s pissed. When Tiny got arrested for stealing that chicken the lifelong criminal got scared and started blabbing about Sully. Cochran can’t let the real story about Sully get out, although he’s talking at conversational volume in a very public place. Ray assures Cochran that he’ll take care of Tiny and that he’s not going to kill him.

Abby is sitting in the kitchen trying to learn how to talk without her Boston accent while smoking a cigarette in her robe. That is one of the more Boston things you can do. She is repeating phrases along with her computer in an attempt to sound less Boston-like. It was pointed out last week that Abby has an accent and it was news to her. The kids come down looking for breakfast but Abby isn’t making it because they seem to do as they please. Abby doesn’t even care that Bridget was with Marvin all night.

Ray’s home. Abby gives him the “Nice of you to stop by.” Ray counters with kiss on the cheek and “I just put a bid in on that house.” He then goes directly upstairs to wash all the sex off before he goes to take care of Tiny.

All that house bidding has made Abby frisky, so she climbs in the shower with Ray. Too bad, Abby because Ray is all sexed out and needs to get back to work. Abby feels rejected and is angry at Ray.

Kate has found Mickey at work but is interrupted by Parole Officer Ronald Keith who was sent there by Ray. Keith comes into the restaurant right after Kate hands Mickey her card, saying she has questions about Sully. Keith takes Mickey into the bathroom to urine test him. Mickey tells Kate he doesn’t know who Sully is. Keith calls Ray and puts Mickey on the phone with him. Mickey tells Ray that he’ll keep his mouth shut if he can go to Fite Club and see his sons.

Ray gets Tiny out of jail. The only reason Tiny is still in LA is because he’s afraid of Sully’s mom. She believes Tiny turned on Sully and she’ll have him killed in Boston. If Tiny goes to prison he thinks one of Sully’s guys will kill him, so he started talking about Sully to the cops. Ray takes Tiny to a cheap motel where Avi is waiting. Avi roughs up Tiny a little. Then Ray does some yelling about how you don’t talk to the cops before he puts Tiny up against the wall and takes his picture. On his way out Ray tells Avi to not let Tiny leave the room. Look who’s waiting for Ray again. It’s Barnes. He’s like the Newman to Ray’s Seinfeld. Barnes is following Ray because Cochran doesn’t trust him.

Back at the Fite Club, Mickey is back. He can be at the gym with his boys again. Nobody really wants to talk to Mickey though. Terry is watching a sheep on television because he’s going to move to Ireland and has no time for Mickey’s complaints about being underpaid at the Mexican restaurant. Daryll is still angry at Mick for betting against him in Mexico. Mickey wants to get Daryll fighting again. Daryll is working as a chauffeur and would rather drive than fight for Mickey. Since Daryll won’t throw fights in Mexico, Mickey asks another young boxer in training if he’s interested. That causes Terry to kick Mickey out of the gym.

Ray stops by the office. Lena still can’t find any dirt on Cochran. Ray tells Lena he needs a passport, cash and a ticket to the Maldives for Tiny. Deb calls because Ray got the house. She’s going to need a check for $1 million in 24 hours. “Not a problem, Deb.” That’s a lot of money for a fixer that hasn’t been doing too much fixing. Gotta call Ezra but Ezra isn’t taking Ray’s calls. Not since Ray refused to take June’s money.

Laundry day at the Donovan house. Abby’s practicing her Rosetta Stone English and pulling the dirty clothes out of the hamper. Oh, look! Ray’s shirt from earlier that’s probably a dry clean only but what’s it smell like? It smells like a whole lot of Kate McPherson. Abby is sure that Ray has been cheating now. She is so mad at her shrink. It’s obviously his fault. Abby bursts into Dr Finkel’s office while he is with a young patient that looks like Ed Furlong in Terminator 2. Abby yells, “He’s fucking someone else. Are you happy now?” She blames Finkel for telling her that Ray was raping her. The Doc just points out that he’s with a patient and Abby notices the emo T2 kid on the couch.

So Ezra won’t pick up the phone. Guess Ray will have see him face to face. Ezra tells him that since June didn’t pay what she pledged, word got out and nobody else paid. Ray’s refusal to take her money has hurt the cancer center. That’s all Ezra cares about. Ray agrees to to get the $5 million from June but he’s keeping 20%. Ezra is not happy about Ray demanding such a big cut.

Abby has had a bad day so she’s at the gun range. She flirts with a guy who lets her try his gun. Turns out the guy is a cop. He gives Abby his card to call him if she’s ever in trouble.

Rejected by his boys, Mickey is back at the crappy apartment where he lives. Shorty is always happy to see Mick. Maybe that’s because he is always high. Micky goes to take a hit off Shorty’s joint. “I thought you were being tested?” Mickey tells Shorty that he already got tested today and he’s not going to get tested twice in one day.” He’s got to know it takes weeks to get out of your system.

Ray goes to Ruth’s house to get Ezra’s money. Ezra knows June will pay because he helped her hide the daughter with Down Syndrome she had many years ago. June didn’t want her daughter to interfere with her acting career. She’s paying the money so Ezra doesn’t release the information and tarnish her show biz legacy.

It’s time to get Tiny out of the country but he really doesn’t want to go to the Maldives. Tiny tries to get out through the bathroom window but fails miserably. Tiny lays on the bathroom floor with his face cut up pleading with Ray to just let him go back to Boston.

Mickey is getting way too high. Shorty is wearing a Miami Dolphins cap. You know dolphins and Mickey. So the dolphin on Shorty’s hat is telling Mickey that he is in fact a sailor and not a captain. Getting demoted will really kill your buzz. Mickey decides the best way to be the captain is to get money. So, Mickey calls Kate and says he wants to sell her a story and he was on the dock when Sully was shot. You got to be able to handle your weed. You never have to listen to what a hat tells you unless that hat tells you to party.

Cochran calls Ray, “I need to see you right away.” Ray needs to get Tiny out of the country now. Avi has stitched up Tiny’s face so he can get on the plane. Why won’t Tiny shut up and go to the airport? He keeps complaining and refusing to go and then rips up his fake Canadian passport. Oh no, you went and did that Tiny.

BTW, throughout this episode Bunchy met a woman at the bike shop with a nerdy kid. She didn’t have enough money for a bike so Bunchy put one together from spare parts. Looks like Bunchy has a new girlfriend.

Cochran meets Ray in a parking garage because that’s dramatic and he has a recording of Ray talking to Kate on the phone about Sully. Cochran knows that Tiny didn’t leave the country and that  Ray doesn’t have control over anything. Cochran is not leaving anything to Ray anymore.

Ray goes back to the motel where Tiny is and tells Avi to go home. Tiny tells Ray he’s sorry he couldn’t leave. Ray says it’s OK while he gives Tiny what is obviously last meal of rotisserie chicken (poetic). When Tiny asks for some ice cream Ray leaves so Barnes can come in and kill Tiny. By the time Barnes gets in the door Tiny is in the bathroom. When Tiny comes out he charges at Barnes who gets a shot off but it doesn’t stop Tiny. He keeps running outside and goes down the stairs. Barnes is able to shoot Tiny in the head while he is running downstairs. Unfortunately, Tiny landed on some guy on his way back from the ice machine and Barnes has to shoot that guy too.

It’s scrabble night at the Cochran’s house. A couple, Megan and Tom, come over for night of board game fun. Cochran is in the kitchen with Megan when he gets a call from Barnes about the Tiny situation. He calmly takes the call and hangs up. Cochran then aggressively grabs Megan’s right breast while he sings, “Let it Ride” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Seems like an odd move to introduce the idea of swinging but Megan does not pull away and they go into the living room to play some Scrabble.

Mickey has some mini cassette tapes hidden inside a VHS tape of Black Mass. Whatever is on those cassettes is pretty safe since nobody has anything to play it on. It looks like Mick’s about to mail one of the tapes to someone when there’s a knock at the door. Two men in suits break the door down and grab Mickey.

Abby is practicing her pronunciation and drinking wine. She decides to say, “fuck this,” and call that cop she met. Abby leaves a voicemail message that she’ll be at the gun range again tomorrow.

Earlier, Ray called Kate to tell her that she’s in danger and she needs to meet him at an address. Now, they meet at an apartment to talk about why Kate might be killed but end up making out in the living room.

Back at the scrabble game Holly spells out the word, S-U-C-K. The couples seem to all get the undertone. It seems that Cochran’s secret is that he likes to swap.

Based on where this episode is leaving off, I’d like to give my recap for next week right now. Here it is. ‘Ray Donovan’ Redux: 2×4 Recap – ‘S U C K’