The Internet Installed Windows 10 and… Something Happened


Windows 10 upgrade process (Photo: Via Tumblr/smore-692)

It’s finally here. After a few years of raging against Windows 8 and begrudgingly accepting 8.1, Microsoft finally released the latest version of their operating system. Yeah, let’s get the fact that they skipped “9” out of the way. The software giant claims that this will be the last major release of the OS with future changes coming in the form of smaller, more frequent updates. It’s similar to the way Apple does things. My guess is the reason they’re calling this one 10 is because they didn’t want their final version number to be lower than the one Apple has been using for more than a decade now. Whatever the reason, it’s a little silly.

So far, people seem to be enjoying Windows 10. It looks pretty, reportedly feels faster and most importantly, puts the start menu back where it should be, rather than forcing a touch-centric version on you the way Windows 8 and 8.1 did.

That’s once they could get the thing installed in the first place, however. As many people discovered, the upgrade process can take a while.

And I mean a REALLY



And, though people like having their classic start menu back, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing once they finally managed to get the thing installed. First there was the revelation that Solitaire, the game that’s come free with pretty much every version of Windows ever, now has ads. That you need to pay a monthly fee of $1.49 to remove.


There’s the fact that Microsoft is still trying to convince us to use Bing.

And possibly the least helpful error message in history.

I don’t know how they did it, but Microsoft manage to find a heretofore unknown level of vague. Naturally, the internet had all sorts of fun with this message.

And that’s not the only error people have run into.

So after all that, it’s not surprising that some felt a little like this after installing.

But hey, it’s not all bad. Some of the features are kind of cool. Like the ability to change the start menu text.

Also, the new Recycle Bin icon has been changed in an oddly satisfying way.

So it’s got that going for it. Which is nice.

On top of that, Windows 10 adds Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant not unlike Apple’s Siri. Any video game fan knows the name from the Halo series, and Microsoft seems to have doubled down on that origin.

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And there are some fun answers for non-gamers in there too.

So, should you get Windows 10? According to Twitter, it depends.


The Internet Installed Windows 10 and… Something Happened