Twitter Has Absolutely Lost Its Sh*t Over #NationalHotDogDay

Maybe because it's too early to reasonably eat them?

(Photo: Twitter)

(Photo: Twitter)

Everyone has that perfect hot dog gif they’ve had stashed away for the right occasion.

Today, they’ve all been set free. It’s apparently National Hot Dog Day, and we’re pretty sure everyone is tweeting them, not eating them.

Twitter has absolutely lost it with the gifs, photos and puns. It’s truly as if a vault of all of the Internet’s hot dog content was just finally set free.

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According to Wikipedia, the origin of National Hot Dog Day is obscure. The July 23 activities usually include festivals, eating hot dogswiener dog races, root beer chugging contests and face painting. Considering the massive influx of #NationalHotDogDay tweets rolling in every second, it only seems appropriate the decades-old celebration steps into the 21st century and officially adds “Internet joking” to its list of staple activities.

Not going to lie: I kind of want a hot dog now. Twitter Has Absolutely Lost Its Sh*t Over #NationalHotDogDay