World Cup 2015: Why We Love the U.S. Women’s National Team

USWNT celebrates after goal (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)
USWNT celebrates after goal (Photo: Screenshot/Youtube)

If you haven’t been watching the Women’s World Cup, you’ve been missing some of the most exciting and dramatic sports moments of 2015. You’ve also missed out on seeing America hand the rest of the world its collective ass on a platter. Remember last summer, during the Men’s World Cup when everyone you knew was suddenly really into soccer? This is like that, except now the United States can play.
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Look. At that. Goal.

That’s Kelley O’Hara scoring a beautiful goal, ensuring a victory for America over Germany, the number one ranked team in the world.  This means the United States Women’s National Team will compete in the World Cup final on Sunday. The day after the Fourth of July. What’s that, rest of the world?

Lest you think I’m sounding too cocky right now, let me remind you:

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With plays like that, it’s no wonder the internet has been showering the #USWNT with love.

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Oh, and did I mention the U.S. hasn’t allowed any goals in its last three games?
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Over on Tumblr, people have been making memes out of individual members. Images of U.S. Women’s National Team coach Jill Ellis casually writing on the sidelines inspired the single-topic blog, Jill Ellis Diary Entries.

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But nobody has seen quite as much love over the years as Alex Morgan. Her raw skill and animated expressions during games have made her the subject of many a meme.

tumblr_nqv62usbpO1s48yyao1_500(Via baby-horse)


(Via soccer-girl01)


(Via soccer-girl01)

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But the best part of Sunday’s game? It’s a rematch between the United States and Japan, the team that beat us in the final back in 2011. Oh yeah, it’s payback time. And we’re not the only ones who want to see Japan fall on Sunday. After England’s painful defeat Wednesday night (they scored on themselves), our friends across the pond are rooting for us too.

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Oh yeah. We got this.

World Cup 2015: Why We Love the U.S. Women’s National Team