‘A’ Is for AGHH!!! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans React to Season Finale’s Shocking Twist

The 'Pretty Little Liars' big reveal was a big bust.

If you’ve been a hardcore Pretty Little Liars fan since day one, last night’s season 6A finale might have been something of a devastating blow to you. (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Charles/A was not Wren as reddit and several PLL conspiracy theory sites were commenting, but CeCe Drake: a character who hasn’t really been discussed this season, let alone too much last season. While there were several red herrings that came into play (Wren, Melissa, Ian, Jason, Aria, Jason’s fake twin Rhys Matthews), Charles/A ended up being Drake, aka Charlotte, aka the girl who dated her brother Jason. CeCe miraculously was let in and out of Radley–the worst mental hospital ever*– and even took classes at UPenn. Though the story of CeCe Drake’s life was heartbreaking and viewers sympathized with her struggle for acceptance, the reveal that she was trans seemed to play off of current social issues and a lazy writer’s room that couldn’t clearly connect the dots on their own story. To most die-hard PLL fans, Marlene King’s big A reveal was a bit of a cop out. CeCe Drake as A frankly seemed random—she could have at least gotten a mention earlier on this season to have fans get a little bit more of an understanding. It’s pretty clear that while the biggest PLL question was revealed, fans were left with a ton of confusion due to gaps in storylines and loose ends.

These tweets pretty much summed up everything we’ve felt since the finale aired:


And we were left with these questions (and maybe a million others):

How did CeCe get all that money for equipment?
How could CeCe be in so many places at once even with Sara Harvey’s help?
Why is Sara Harvey even relevant?
What happened to Jenna, Lucas and every other suspicious character that ever starred on the show?
Who put the blood in Spencer’s bag while she was in England?
Are Wren and Melissa all happily ever after now?
Where were the PLL‘s boytoys during all of this calamity?
Did the PLL‘s moms ever make it out of the basement they were trapped in?
Why did Marlene King answer all of these plot questions that should have been explained in the show on Entertainment Weekly?
If Mona was in Radley with CeCe and she took over the game from her, how did Mona not know CeCe was A?
How is Radley still open?
Can we snag those prom dresses IRL?
Did Mona get trapped in A’s “brain” room?
Are Jason and Mr. DiLaurentis alive?
Will Jason be able to get over dating his sister?
Who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis?
Will Dan Humphrey make a cameo on PLL?
Will we ever want to watch PLL again after this season finale?

If you still plan on watching PLL, the show will be back this winter. We’ll just leave the trailer for season 6B here…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgKrVtHTp7s]

*Editor’s note: Arkham’s recidivism rate is still way worse, let’s be clear. ‘A’ Is for AGHH!!! ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Fans React to Season Finale’s Shocking Twist