Bergen Freeholder Race: Tyburczy Wants Tax Relief in Bergen

Ken Tyburczy is one the Republican challengers for a seat on the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Ken Tyburczy is one of the Republican challengers for a seat on the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Ken Tyburczy is a sitting councilman in Ramsey. Now, the Republican feels he is ready to take on a new role: Bergen County Freeholder. Like fellow Republican challengers Daisy Ortiz-Berger and John Mitchell, Tyburczy says that one of the main reasons he decided to run for the county position is to try to provide some tax relief for Bergen County residents.

“I want to know where all my local tax dollars are going, I am no different from anyone else in that regard,” Tyburczy told PolitickerNJ. “I got involved in county taxes because I was looking at the $930 million we have in debt and I think I can provide solutions.”

Tyburczy’s plan for tax relief would come in the form of a Bergen County Commitment to the Revenue Responsibility Act, proposed by Assemblyman Robert Auth (R-39).

“Basically I just want to pay off that county debt a bit faster than it has been,” Tyburczy said. “With the Revenue Responsibility Act we would create a five year running average out of the county budget to take politics out of the mix.”

According to Tyburczy, the Democratic 5-2 majority on the Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders and the position of Democrat Jim Tedesco as County Executive means an uneven distribution of power among county officials.

“It is very important to have a check and balances,” Tyburczy said. “A Democratic County Executive with a Republican freeholder board would be better able to reach across party lines.”

Though this year’s local elections are estimated to draw a record-low turnout, Tyburczy believes that his position in Ramsey—where he has been a councilman for five years—means voters will turn out to support him.

“I believe they will come out and support our ticket,” Tyburczy said. “Every year that I have won, my numbers here in Ramsey have increased. The people here in Ramsey have really gotten to know me as a person who has their best interest in mind. They should know that their tax dollars should be spent prudently.”

Tyburczy has confidence that the “strength” of the Freeholder ticket as a whole will bring out voters.

“I think the ticket itself is great,” Tyburczy said. “John knows how the process really works, Daisy has the experience of running and has what it takes to win. I am originally from Garfield so I have both South Bergen and Northern Bergen connections.”

In addition to taxes, Tyburczy says that he will focus on issues like improving county infrastructure, roads and bringing more businesses to Bergen County.

Tyburczy says he will also focus on education if elected as Freeholder.

“My wife is a school teacher and my sister is a school teacher,” Tyburczy said. “I am intimately aware of factors teachers and schools face. Teachers have always had and will continue to have 100 percent of my support.”

Tyburczy, Mitchell, and Ortiz-Berger are facing incumbents Vice Chairman Steve Tanelli, Freeholder Tracy Zur, and Freeholder Thomas J. Sullivan Jr.


Bergen Freeholder Race: Tyburczy Wants Tax Relief in Bergen