CWA Workers Take to the Streets in Camden


Communications Workers of America (CWA) members today mobilized in Camden behind City Hall, where members of CWA Local 1014 (city workers) and Local 1084 (Camden Board of Social Services) called for fair contracts.

The day of action represented the first time both locals were out together.

“Our two locals have been fighting some of same people and on behalf of the same issues for far too long.  We’re sending a strong message that we’re now united and powerful,” said George Jackson, President CWA 1084.

“Our members are fed up with being beaten down and disrespected.  We’ll keep fighting for justice for as long as it takes,” said Karl Walko, President CWA 1014.

At its core, said a source close to the action, the rally was about winning union contracts that improve standards for workers in Camden.

CWA Local 1014 represents a number of bargaining units throughout Camden County.  Their focus is the unit that covers about 311 employees of the City of Camden.  “These members’ quality of life has been drastically eroded in the last few years due to layoffs, furlough days, increased cost of living, zero percent raises, and the increased cost of health insurance and pension due to Chapter 78, a law passed by the Christie administration,” said a CWA source.
CWA Local 1084 represents 450 workers at the Camden County Board of Social Services. “Their last contract expired at the end of 2013,” said the source. “In addition to calling for a new contract, this local will be speaking out about the degradation of services their employer provides to the needy in the community.”
CWA Workers Take to the Streets in Camden