Gif Artists, Unite!

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The GIF Artists Collective, founded by high school student Philip Intile (known online as Pi-Slices), is a group of digital artists working in GIFs, many hoping to one day to see the form turn into a career.

“I think most people still think of gifs as celebrities making funny faces or small clips from TV shows or movies,” says Jonah Nigro, an artist known on Tumblr for his abstract gifs that loop waves and shapes and colour – definitely not your average gif found on giphy. “Gifs as an art form still have a long way to go before they are recognised as such by the mainstream.”

“I hope nobody’s relying solely on gifs for their livelihood!” says Robin Davey, an artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in Time, the Atlantic and more. “For me, it’s a supplemental skill to my career in illustration and animation. With that said, gifs have been hugely valuable in popularising my work and getting my name out there.”

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