Group Launches Cable Ad Calling on Menendez to Stand Against Crude Oil Export Ban


Today, Allied Progress unveiled a television ad highlighting the importance of the crude oil export ban and calling on New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez to stand firm in his longtime support of the policy.

The 30-second ad, which will begin airing tomorrow in New Jersey for a week on statewide cable television and digital pre-roll online, comes as debate over the 40-year old export ban heats up in Washington. It is the first in a series of ads from Allied Progress urging key Senators to maintain the ban and avoid the damaging impacts of repeal: increased gas prices, U.S. jobs shipped overseas, and America’s chance at energy independence squandered.

Menendez has been a longtime champion of the ban, writing in a 2013 letter to President Barack Obama that it “protect[s] U.S. consumers from volatility and price spikes.” But just last week, Senator Menendez signaled that he may be open to exceptions to the ban stating, “we should…consider licensing the strategic export of American oil to allied countries struggling with supply.”

“Until recently, Senator Menendez seemed to have a great understanding of the importance of the ban on exporting American crude oil overseas. His public wavering is deeply concerning,” said Karl Frisch, executive director of Allied Progress.  “This isn’t a bargaining chip for a game of Congressional legislative poker. We shouldn’t be gambling with the jobs of hardworking Americans or our efforts to achieve energy independence. It is vital that Senator Menendez uphold his promise and make clear he still supports keeping the ban in place.”

Group Launches Cable Ad Calling on Menendez to Stand Against Crude Oil Export Ban