Lance: ‘No’ on Iran Deal is the Right Choice

Congressman Leonard Lance opposes the Iran Deal.

Congressman Leonard Lance opposes the Iran Deal.

MILLBURN – Congressman Leonard Lance (R-7) hosted a town hall meeting in Millburn today to discuss his concerns about the Iran deal with constituents. The event was over capacity, with individuals unable to get in crowding the door of Millburn City Hall. Inside, the walls were lined with those unable to get a seat in the overstuffed room.

“I think the turnout is indicative of how important this is,” Lance told PolitickerNJ. “Regardless of where you stand on the issue, this is one of the most important foreign policy decisions of our time. I think this is one of the most important votes I will cast in Congress.”

For Lance, that vote will most likely be a resounding “No.”

“My belief and I would say the belief of many of those in Congress is that Iran is attempting to build a bomb,” Lance told the crowd when asked why he was in opposition to the deal. “My own view is that they are only going to comply for a year or two or three.”

Throughout the event, Lance fielded questions from constituents all over the spectrum: some were staunch opponents to the deal while others discussed their support for the deal as a solution. For many, the question of the evening was what would happen if the deal did not pass.

“What I think will happen if we don’t agree to it is that there will be some sabre rattling and chaos for a year or two,” Lance said. “Then, I think nothing will change and Iran will come back to the bargaining table.”

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Constituents crowded into the Millburn City Hall to participate in the Lance forum.

The Congressman said he feels that the current deal “facilitates terrorism” and that certain changes including “a gradual lifting of sanctions” and mandatory inspections must be included to prevent any threat to the United States or Israel.

Lance—who called Iran the “largest sponsor of global terrorism”—believes that it is up to him and fellow lawmakers to determine if the deal and the President’s judgment is “good enough.”

Though President Obama has promised to veto any opposition to the deal, lawmakers like Lance hope that there will be enough votes in Senate or House to override the veto, thereby halting the deal.

According to Lance, he hopes that a Republican president will be on deck if the time ever does come to revisit negotiations with Iran.

“I am endorsing Governor Christie for President, and I believe he has spoken out against the deal,” Lance said. “I presume that Secretary Clinton will support the deal so I suspect it will take a president who disagrees with the current president to modify it.”



Lance: ‘No’ on Iran Deal is the Right Choice