LD 31: McKnight Responds to Kopko’s Allegations of ‘Threatening’

Assembly Candidate Angela McKnight.

Assembly Candidate Angela McKnight.

Democratic candidate for the LD 31 Assembly race Angela McKnight has released a statement responding to allegations made on Monday by her opponent, Matthew Kopko.

“We regret we must again respond to the incendiary tactics of our opposition,” said McKnight’s statement.

On Monday, Kopko called on Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and former governor Jim McGreevy to terminate the employment of Eugene McKnight of the Jersey City Employment and Training Program due to an incident in which Kopko was claimed he was threatened. Eugene McKnight is affiliated with Angela McKnight’s campaign. Kopko also called for an apology from McKnight.

“Matthew alleges he was threatened by Mr. Eugene McKnight (who was allegedly with Angela) at a community event over the weekend. Angela arrived at the event alone not with Mr. Eugene McKnight as stated by Matthew. A police report was taken; however, Angela nor Eugene are mentioned in the report,” said the statement released by McKnight.

McKnight’s statement also goes on to address allegations of campaign fraud and other statements made by Kopko that she claims are false.

“Our community deserves to be represented by those that truly care, those who have been working in their community long before this election, those whose mission is to reconnect broken relationships, heal the mistrust, and unite the 31st Legislative District in the common goal of achieving a better quality of life for their constituents,” the statement said. LD 31: McKnight Responds to Kopko’s Allegations of ‘Threatening’