Learn Pixel Art in Digital Art School

(Photo: Courtesy Kickstarter)

If you ever wanted to learn to make pixel art, it’s your lucky week. Retronator Pixel Art Academy, a program that will teach you how, has already received 35 times the amount of money its founder, Matej “Retro” Jan, hoped to raise via Kickstarter.

Better still, in the forthcoming game, you play a kid attending an art school to learn how to make pixel art, and learn in the process.

“You’ll be given tasks—watch a video, read an article, make a drawing—that teach you about basic tools and skills, or assigned to create certain types of art and then upload your creations,” reports BoingBoing.

The game will run in a web browser and players will be able to share their art and ideas with other “students.”

Pixel art, which is made using raster graphics, conjures 1980s computer and video console games and has long been popular with certain hobbyists.

Retronator Art Academy is slated to debut in January of 2016. You have your perfect winter hibernation activity, old school video game fetishists. Learn Pixel Art in Digital Art School