Google Doodles Has Started Recycling GIFs for Little Countries

Jamaica and Bolivia have an image for their independence today that Google first used for Mozambique in June

Google Doodles archive

Three of these doodles are much like the other. Three of these doodles are exactly the same. (Image: Screenshot)

It looks like maybe the Google Doodle team is getting bored by nationalism.

The site frequently marks countries’ independence days on the Google homepage. Some of them have been great. The doodle for Uganda’s Independence Day from 2013, for example, is very bold.

Today, though, generic doodles mark two countries at once. It turns out that August 7th is both the independence day for Jamaica and Bolivia, and they both have the exact same, kind of generic, animated fireworks doodle to mark their day, a doodle which first appeared in June, for Mozambique’s Independence day.

Since each of the Doodles is only viewable within each country, odds are, most people won’t notice. Locals could be a little disappointed not to see anything evocative of their particular culture. Like Nigeria’s sweet caravan GIF. Or Indonesia’s flag-raising ceremony image.

To see the diversity of images for different countries’ independence days, just search “independence day” on the Google Doodles site, like this. This looks like the first time one has repeated. In 2011, however, the search giant did a series of images with a shared design to celebrate countries in Central America.

Central American Google Doodles from 2011. (Image: Screenshot)

Central American Google Doodles from 2011. (Image: Screenshot)

Here’s the quick skinny on today’s national celebrations:

  • Jamaica. The island nation attained full independence in 1962 after a gradual political process. The former British colony first became a part of a federation of former British colonies. Then, it was the first country to exit that federation, 53 years ago today.
  • Bolivia. It took 16 years for the South American nation of Bolivia to transition out from Spanish colonial rule, finally declaring itself an independent state and renaming itself from Upper Peru to Bolivia, in honor of its founder, Simón Bolívar, 90 years ago today.

Their struggles were distinct. Their doodles to mark the end of those struggles? Not so much.

Google Doodles Has Started Recycling GIFs for Little Countries