Southpaws of the World Unite on #LeftHandersDay

The struggle is real, and the celebration is too

Paul McCartney is left- handed, so left-handedness isn't all bad, right? (Photo: Google Commons)

Paul McCartney is left-handed, so left-handedness can’t be all bad, right? (Photo: Google Commons)

It’s tough to be left-handed. In school, everything from desks to scissors is designed for right-handed kids, and for decades teachers used corporal punishment to beat the left-handedness out of children. As if this wasn’t enough, in many languages the word for “left” also means strange, sinister or perverse.

But today, on International Left Handers Day, the world’s southpaws get their revenge. The holiday was started in 1992 to honor the 10 percent of the population who spend 364 days of the year in a right-handed world.

And thanks to Twitter, their voices are heard even louder. #LeftHandersDay was trending number one Wednesday morning, and was center stage for both an airing of schoolyard grievances and a celebration of left-handed accomplishments :

So Happy International Left Handers Day—and that’s not a backhanded compliment.

Southpaws of the World Unite on #LeftHandersDay