The Internet Has Very Little Sympathy for Ashley Madison Users

Usually with a data breach of this magnitude, there’s a lot of talk about how privacy should be respected. Not so much this time.

Ashley Madison homepage (Photo: Screenshot/
Ashley Madison homepage (Photo: Screenshot/

As you might have heard, hackers stole and published the data of millions of users of, a dating website specifically for married people looking to have an affair. Usually with a data breach of this magnitude, there’s a lot of talk about how privacy should be respected. Not so much this time.
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Sure, there are a few people out there saying that publishing this kind of personal data is wrong. And they have a point. Whatever you think about the actions of those affected by the hack, it’s a serious invasion of privacy. And as author Megan Whitmer pointed out, none of us look all that great under a microscope.
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Still, many more people are finding it hard to feel sorry for anyone using this particular website.
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Especially considering many of them weren’t too smart about it,
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…maybe should have seen this coming,
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…and for most of them, it likely wasn’t even worth the risk of getting caught.
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Besides, it could be argued that they got their money’s worth.
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All of this has left the site itself looking a little silly.
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So far, the biggest news to come out of the hack is that Josh Duggar had paid accounts on the service. You can be sure the Internet is not going to let him forget about it anytime soon.
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After all his advocacy of “traditional marriage,” it’s no surprise that many are finding his presence on the site just a bit hypocritical.
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His wasn’t the only semi-famous name to come out of this hack though. Gawker writer Sam Biddle was also found to have an account, and not everyone is buying his explanation.
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Biddle responded on Twitter.
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I mean yeah, doesn’t everybody? (Don’t judge, what xXxMasterChiefGoku420xXx and I have is special!)

For the most part though, folks on Twitter had fun imagining the reactions of those caught using the site.
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Others simply celebrated the fact that they had the foresight not to use Ashley Madison.
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And still more people thought of a couple of ways some money could be made out of all this. Redditor themvf mocked up this idea for 1-800 Flowers.
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Of course, the best idea came from everyone’s favorite rich cat.
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Is it too late to switch careers?

The Internet Has Very Little Sympathy for Ashley Madison Users