The Most Hilarious Responses to #WhyIWouldMakeAGreatPresident

"Netflix and chill with my voters"

(Photo: Twitter)
Twitter is the stage for today’s debate. (Photo: Twitter)

We have a long way to go until the 2016 presidential election, but the campaigning spirit is already in the air.

This doesn’t just apply to the actual candidates either. Today, Twitter users nationwide are touting their POTUS qualifications in 140-character snippets. The hashtag #WhyIWouldMakeAGreatPresident is trending, and people are taking the opportunity to bash our current presidential candidates, joke and troll.

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Some of the responses are #realtalk

But most are just humorous.

Some users are offering some genuinely good (in theory) ideas.

It looks like we might have a few more candidates joining the race.

The Most Hilarious Responses to #WhyIWouldMakeAGreatPresident