Winners and Losers: Week of August 17

Christie at his best -- surrounded by supporters and being himself. The governor waves while announcing his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination at Livingston High School on June 30, 2015. (Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images)

Governor Christie has slipped to the 11th position among GOP candidates.

This week, the Garden State saw our school system hailed as one of the best in the county, saw a town praised for being one of the best places to live, and saw the government make a promise to build a new tunnel that could help alleviate issues many New Jersey commuters face when traveling into New York City.

On the other end of the spectrum, our governor is slipping out an already-precarioius position as he seeks the presidential nomination and an assemblyman in Atlantic County is being asked to resign.

Here is a roundup of who did the best and worst this week in N.J.


Mayor Steven Fulop
On Monday, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop halted all of PSEG’s projects in the city due to repaving he believed was unacceptable. On Wednesday, the utility company reached an agreement with the city.

Carly Fiorina
Though the GOP presidential candidate was relegated to the “kids table” debate on August 6th, she is surging in the polls. A new CNN poll has her among the top ten GOP candidates, pushing Governor Chris Christie out of his previous position in the top ten.

Despite constant blasts to the New Jersey Education Association from Governor Christie, this week Newsweek ranked six of the top ten high schools in America as coming from NJ. Overall, the state has 22 schools in the top 100.

Commuters to NYC
Senator Bob Menendez, Senator Cory Booker, Governor Chris Christie and U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx met on Tuesday and vowed to build a new Hudson rail tunnel into New York City. They will be actively pursuing federal grants to make the tunnel a reality.

Jon Stewart
A petition calling upon New Jersey’s own Jon Stewart to moderate the 2016 presidential debate has garnered over 140,000 signatures.

Hillsborough Mayor Doug Tomson
Money Magazine ranked the town as the 30th best place to live in America this week. Hillsborough High School was also ranked as the 42nd best high school in the nation by Newsweek.


Governor Chris Christie
New Jersey’s governor is slipping in the presidential polls. Formerly ranked in 10th place in the crowded GOP presidential field, a new CNN poll has him ranked at 11th. Only the top ten candidates will appear in the September 16 CNN debate.

Freeholders Aimee Belgard and Joanne Schwartz
Though Belgard and Schwartz are incumbent freeholder candidates in Burlington County, sources say that Republican ties to local labor in the county (and affiliated PACs) may make the road to reelection more difficult than expected.

Assemblyman Chris Brown and Freeholder Will Pauls
Last week, members of a union associated with Atlantic County freeholder Will Pauls surrounded and threatened Assemblyman Chris Brown’s opponent, Assemblyman Vine Mazzeo outside of an AFL-CIO event. Now, Atlantic County Democratic Chairman Jim Schroder is calling for public apologies from Brown and Pauls. Schroder is also calling on Pauls to drop out of the assembly race.

Hillary Clinton
The the Democratic party’s presidential frontrunner was sitting comfortably at the top of the polls to win the presidency in 2016, it seems she is losing ground to both fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump.

Winners and Losers: Week of August 17