Afternoon Bulletin: Second LGBT Group to March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Gay rights supporters protest yesterday's St. Patrick's Day Parade with a banner reading: "BAN HOMOPHOBIA!" (Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty)
(Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/Getty)

Organizers of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Fifth Avenue announced on Tuesday that a second LGBT group will march in next year’s celebration. The Irish group Lavender & Green Alliance will participate under its own banner, according to parade organizers. They will join fellow participants OUT@NBCUniversal, which made history this year in breaking down the barrier as the first of its kind to march in the 254-year-old parade. (New York Post)

Two children were critically injured this morning, when an Uber vehicle jumped the curb and hit a group of children and a mother walking near 229 E. Kingsbridge Road and Valentine Avenue. Three boys and a girl, ages from 5 to 11, were walking with the 34-year-old mother early this morning when the driver lost control of his Toyota Camry, according to FDNY and NYPD officials. Neighbors that rushed to the scene reported the little girl to be trapped under the mangled car. Three of the victims were also treated for serious injuries but are listed in stable condition. (DNAinfo)

Former Rikers guard Brian Coll is being federally charged over the death of Ronald Spear, a diabetic inmate who had additional health alignments. Mr. Coll was already being prosecuted for allegedly covering up the fatal beating of Spear in 2012, when he repeatedly and fatally kicked him in the head while he was restrained. Mr. Coll could face up to life in prison, along with obstruction of justice and false reporting counts. (Gothamist)

Air quality sensors will be installed in some nail salons as part of a pilot program introduced by the New York City public advocate’s office. Sensor chips will be installed in dozens of desk lamps and will feature color indicators that reveal the air quality and unsafe chemical levels for health officials, customers, salon managers and salon workers themselves. Salon managers can also tap into the he information via an app on their smartphones. The program is the latest in city’s initiatives after a two-part investigation revealed hazardous conditions and labor abuse, but some scientists and health advocates are doubtful that measuring the air quality will improve the industry. Public Advocate Letitia James said the program will begin next year in January, 50 of the lamps to a total of about 35 salons. (New York Times)

Break out your beach balls and booty shorts (but please, leave the headdresses at home), because Coachella is heading to Queens. Starting summer 2016, the massive West Coast music festival will be hosting a second event in Corona Park, tentatively titled “Panorama.” Organizers AGE Live have already sparked something of a controversy over here, with their multi-day fest slated to start in early June—just two weeks after the city’s annual GovBall. Panorama would be the biggest event to come to Queens since the 1964 World’s Fair. No news yet on whether or not the new venue will allow selfie sticks. (Entertainment Weekly)

  Afternoon Bulletin: Second LGBT Group to March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade