Jewish Progressive Majority Leader Weinberg Backs up Booker on Iran Deal


Rooted at the crossroads of progressive politics and the Jewish tradition, state Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg (D-37) today spoke up in support of her friend U.S. Senator Cory Booker, who last week announced his decision to back the Iran nuclear deal favored by President Barack Obama.

Weinberg also expressed her support for the Iran deal based on the information she has from the media.

“I’m not called upon to vote,” said the state representative and unofficial leader of New Jersey’s progressive movement. “I think it’s inappropriate for people attacking Cory Booker on Facebook to use words like ‘disgusting.’ I also find the attacks on [Congresswoman] Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to be very inappropriate. She came out yesterday in favor of the deal. Obviously is a very important issue.”

Weinberg noted that she is not privy to classified information and to the kinds of intimate briefings available to those federal representatives now sizing up the controversial Iran deal.

“I am generally supportive,” said the veteran state senator and 2009 candidate for lieutenant governor, a self-proclaimed “feisty Jewish grandmother.”

“Booker came out in support of the deal and his giving an an-depth explanation is appropriate,” said Weinberg, who has worked for Booker in a political capacity. “The deal puts us in a better position than the day before of not having the agreement. Some of our colleague nations would have moved on without us with this deal, and the more we talk the better the chances of peace in the Middle East. I am inclined to support [the deal]. Whether there are problems with the inspections, it’s better than having no inspections.”

Weinberg and a top aide to Booker had an email exchange during that period of time when the junior senator from New Jersey examined the course of action he should take on the big foreign policy question. She will be in attendance later today at a meeting of Booker and Jewish leaders.

Jewish Progressive Majority Leader Weinberg Backs up Booker on Iran Deal